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What is Lean Six Sigma and how can it reinvent your business?

Author: Lean Sixsigma
by Lean Sixsigma
Posted: Oct 20, 2019
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What is Lean Six Sigma?

LSS is a data-driven methodology that would allow your organisation to achieve effective and precise outcomes regularly over a period of time. The aim of Six Sigma is to make a process effective with 99.99996 % defect-free. This includes lowering your business costs, enhancing your cash flow and shareholder value, reducing waste through ‘lean’ production methods, and processing stability for better sales. Using DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) you can eliminate variations/errors in processes and get desired outcomes from your processes while drastically reducing your business costs. Using Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC, General Electric saved 12 Billion USD in their first five years of implementation.

Lean six sigma is one of the tools you can inject in your business to achieve this. This methodology combines two of the most well-renowned business improvement tools -

1. Lean - This process focuses on reducing your costs to the least while maintaining an adequate value of service for customers.

Six Sigma - This methodology focuses on eliminating business errors to promote efficient production and delivery of your goods and services.

The lean six sigma methodology is a data-driven one, using DMAIC to reduce errors and improve your operational business processes. But what is DMAIC?

Using DMAIC increases your employee involvement in business processes by involving your employees in the improvement process of DMAIC, they will find themselves more invested and involved in the business process and usually are more appreciative of the impact they have on the bottom-line business results. This leads to greater efficiency and productivity. It reduces your business costs by identifying the steps of your production of a good or service, it enables you to eliminate inefficient and redundant ones. This leads to a fall in your business costs while maintaining or improving the value you provide to your clients. This leads to greater efficiency and higher profits. It increases your customer satisfaction rates by focusing heavily on customer needs, the lean six sigma aims to improve your business processes from production to delivery, tailored to maximise efficiency and to achieve your customer’s wants. This increases the value to consumers, boosts your customer satisfaction rates and leads to repeat business.

LSS can give you a competitive advantage in a variety of industries like –

  1. Healthcare - Decreasing medical errors, waiting time and increasing patient care leads to an excellent service provided.
  2. Manufacturing - Minimising defects in production and increasing employee efficiency leads to a decrease in costs and maximises efficiency.
  3. IT - Increases the productivity of the employees and the profitability of your business.
  4. Textile - Reducing defects and improving stability ensures a high company reputation.

And many more!

The Lean Six Sigma methodology can be obtained in different ways -

  1. Hiring a key advisory firm like KPMG and their six sigma professionals to identify the areas of improvement and carry out the appropriate LSS methodology on projects and businesses.
  2. Hiring a key advisory firm like KPMG and their six sigma professionals to train your employees to become a green belt in LSS to effectively carry out the required methodologies to improve your business processes.

Using Lean Six Sigma, anyone can completely reinvent their business processes, identify waste-producing methods and eliminate them to remove all errors, leading to lower costs, higher satisfaction and higher employee morale. The choice of unlocking the full potential of your business is in your hands, and the Lean Six Sigma methodology equips you with the right tools to do so. With these tools, you can obtain the competitive advantage you need. You can read more about the LSS training here.

For KPMG Lean Six Sigma Training registrations mail to or call at +91 9555688555 or +91 9022033666.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Programme

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Programme

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