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How Co-Curricular Activities Can Enrich Your Statement of Purpose

Author: Praveen Singh
by Praveen Singh
Posted: Apr 25, 2020

Filling college applications - What a stressful time! You’re probably applying to your dream colleges, which include the best private universities in Delhi, where you wish to start your new life. The best of the colleges receive a large amount of applications and it is quite easy for yours to get lost in the crowd. So, it is apparent that your application needs have that x-factor for you to get into the best. You need to show why you should be picked over others, and a great help to achieve that are co-curricular activities. Let’s discuss their importance for making you stand out of the crowd.

First off, allow us to convey one thing: it’s definitely not a comfortable task to go on bragging about yourself and explaining how you’re better than others, it might also feel weird at times. Well, even if you think of it is an unusual experience, you still have to write a well-thought-out and somewhat brilliant piece on an application essay that impresses the Admissions Office.

You will be in a conundrum when you have almost nothing to write in your college applications and the dread and fear start to set in. Meanwhile, others are struggling to find space for the words and activities they have performed. That, in a nutshell, is the importance of co-curricular activities for your application to reputed institutes including the top colleges in Gurgaon and elsewhere.

Extra-Curriculars form a perfect base for your college application and will act as a great testament as to why you should be admitted into the course of your liking. It is also very evident that most people applying to a particular college course will have strikingly similar backgrounds, probably even up to the kind of grades you have scored. So, what then, makes you stand toe-to-toe or better, yet apart from the crowd? It’s not just about skills anymore, it’s about how you have applied those skills in real-life scenarios.

There has been an infinite number of scenarios wherein many students with similar grades were pitted against each other for seats for admission and almost every time, students who had an extensive co-curricular track record were preferred over those with only a few post-school activities. The investment of time and effort of a student in extracurriculars indicates the willingness of a student to deploy the skills they have learnt.

In addition to this, there is no co-curricular activity that is irrelevant. For eg. your participation in sports could help indicate leadership skills and teamwork, which is vital for all professional courses across the board. If you feel like your extracurriculars are somewhat lacking in order to make a real difference, you could go for many activities which might help you evolve into a better candidate for a professional course. Some of these activities would include:

  • Volunteering

  • Language Activities

  • Mentorship/ Tutoring for kids

  • Participation in Quizzes/Competitions

  • Being a part of societies/cultural groups

  • Social work.

If you’re interested in finding some extracurricular activities that suit you, talk to your educational institution for any opportunities they have available, such as clubs, societies, volunteer opportunities, etc. or even look into your local charities, music services, drama, cooking, environmental clean-ups etc.. The world is your oyster my friend, once you’ve made up your mind!

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