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Best Ways to Clean Aluminium Wheels

Author: Paul Mathew
by Paul Mathew
Posted: Oct 17, 2019

People drive their vehicles over dirty grounds, dust-covered grass, rough tracks, or hit motorways in the sun and rain. Wheels are the part which faces more grime due to regular interaction with the ground. Is there anything more exasperating than finding four wheels full of dirt, mud, and dust? Doesn’t it spoil the idyll? When washing a car, everybody tends to pay more attention to the body of the vehicle as it is the first thing observed by most of the people. But cleaning and maintaining the wheels is as important as the body of the car. Let’s come to the Aluminium wheels, which adds extra value to your vehicle due to its sturdiness and long-lasting nature. These wheels are known to have no substitutes due to their potential to enhance the performance of a car. But it should not be ignored that even the most substantial part of your car calls for care and cleaning as they can be affected by harmful corrosion. Cleaning aluminium wheels routinely can make all the difference and will make you feel like you’ve just purchased a new car. The task is not as laborious as you might be thinking. This article acts as a comprehensive guide to explain you a step-by-step process to clean aluminium wheels exquisitely. In case you think that it would be challenging to clean aluminium wheels on your own, you must contact any doorstep car wash service to avail the best car wash experience. Why do you require to clean the car’s wheels?

Frequent cleaning of car wheels is the only way to keep your wheels safe from brake dust. If you let brake dust to be there on your wheels for a long time, it will pit the metal and eat into the coating (if there is). Due to the everyday use of the car, the dust is continuously being made. So, this thing is to be taken care of at the time of washing your car. Many enthusiasts make sure to devote some extra time and attention on the wheels of the vehicle so that they always stay dirt-free.If you intend to wash other parts of your car as well, it would be a better choice to wash the wheels first because avoiding this can lead to the spattering of the brake dust and dirty water all over the car. There is a fact that when one polishes and cleans aluminium wheels, it comes up with a different kind of perfection. Hence, cleaning your car’s wheels should always be your priority to make your vehicle look like as if it has recently been purchased.

Step by step procedure to clean aluminium wheels properly

  • Rinse the wheels: The first step is to rinse the aluminium wheels to remove any dirt or loose dust on the wheels. Prefer using a nozzle to build a powerful water pressure and make sure to rinse every part of a wheel, including the brake callipers and the spokes. This step is extremely crucial as it will save your effort and time later on.
  • Apply aluminium wheel cleaner: To spray the wheels, one should use a non-acidic aluminium wheel cleaner. It will help you clean effectively without spotting the wheel.
  • Use a soft brush to clean the wheel: One must use a wheel brush with soft bristles to remove dirt from the wheel. While doing this, take care that the whole area is coated with water to avoid scratches on the wheel. If you use stiff bristles, it may leave scratches on the aluminium, and you will have to work even harder to remove them using a polish.
  • Clean the lug nuts: Brake dust does have small particles which hide wherever it can. One should use lug nut brush to remove dirt from lug nuts and inside the holes of the lug nut. Make sure that the wheel is wet while you are using the brushes. The wheel cleaner and water not only help you lose grime but also prevent scratching on the wheel by lubricating its surface
  • Do not forget the wheel wells: Due to the rolling of the tires, lots of mud and dirt get accumulated in the wheel wells. So, you would require something stronger than what you generally use to clean the wheels. Use an all-purpose cleaner to spray the wheel wells properly. Prefer using a long handled-brush with strong bristles and avoid using soft brushes as it will not agitate the wheel properly. Let’s simplify it- use soft and gentle for wheels and sturdy and robust for wheel wells.
  • Rinse and dry: Make sure that you dry the wheels as water spots on wheels do not look good at all. One must use a microfiber towel to remove loose brake dust. Also, use two different towels for the wheels and rest part of the car because obviously nobody wants brake dust on the car’s paint.
  • Use detailing clay: Use detailing clay as it is a fantastic tool to remove embedded contamination from wheels. It is designed explicitly for claying wheels.
  • Wheel polishing: Use a clean rag to apply aluminium polish in small sections. One must begin with the surface of the wheel, then go to the lug nuts, and then rub along the grain of the wheel. Rap a toothbrush with a cloth if in case you are unable to reach any crevices. Wipe the same with a clean and a soft towel.
  • Use wax: Apply wax onto a clean cloth and then rub it on the surface of the wheel. Also, it is not compulsory to use a standard wax; you can also use a metal sealant. But it has to be ensured that whatever you are using is fine to apply on aluminium wheels. Let the wax to dry for 10-15 minutes and wipe it with a clean piece of cloth.

Two significant components of car washing are to use the right products and follow the correct steps. So, apply the steps mentioned above to perform car cleaning at home with minimal effort. Once you implement all of them, you will notice the change in look as well as in the performance of your car.

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