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#SquadGhouls: How to Throw the Best Halloween House Party Ever

Author: Madison Lane
by Madison Lane
Posted: Oct 17, 2019
halloween party

Halloween is probably one of the most exciting holidays of the year. While the premise and history behind the holiday itself are rather gloomy, modern-day celebrations are exciting and fun thanks to the presence of candies, costumes, and parties. Before your house and lot for sale in Cavite gets sold, why not throw one last Halloween party to send it off the right way?

The only problem with that idea is that you might now know how to do it. Sure, you may have experience with normal parties, birthdays or otherwise, but Halloween parties are different. As such, the approach and preparation towards throwing a memorable one must also be different.

If you want to know how to throw the most kick-ass Halloween party ever, read on.


If you want to throw the best Halloween party ever, you must cover all the important bases that any house party requires. First on the list is house decoration. You want your house to look as bright and as scary as possible on the day itself. Incorporate lots of orange lights as well as ghastly decorations around the exterior of your house. From hanging ghoulish monster masks to putting tombstone cutouts on the lawn, there are so many ways to go about decorating your house. All it takes is a little creativity and a lot of dedication. Don’t forget to incorporate fake spider webs and pumpkin carvings too because those are simply classics.

House parties are better when decorations are involved. It shows that the host put a lot of thought into the whole event and should affect the mood of your party-goers in a positive way.


Another Halloween tradition you should never, ever skip, is preparing and coming in a costume. If you are going to host a Halloween party, the responsibility of having one of the best costumes of the night falls on you. You don’t have to go extravagant and buy expensive costumes with real props and tons of fake blood. Again, creativity and novelty are key.

Go as your favorite anime or tv show character. You can also try dressing up as a character from your favorite novel because this gives you more freedom in choosing your clothes. You can always say that that’s how you imagined the character.

That being said, enforce a no-costume no-entry policy so that everyone is coerced into wearing one. If that feels too harsh, then reward those who come in costume with free goodies and giveaways. Don’t forget to give a grand prize to the person who was the best costume.


Trick or treating is one of the best parts about Halloween, but you probably won’t have much time to go trick or treating because you’ll be too busy partying hard.

However, just because you won’t be able go doesn’t mean you should spoil the experience for others. You should have plenty of candy in stock so that your house still gets to be part of the trick or treat tradition. Make sure to give trick or treaters a fair amount of candy, but don’t be too stingy either. Having a full jack o lantern on Halloween is one of the best feelings any trick or treater can have.

Also, the best Halloween house party means having a house that has the best candy as well. This means you shouldn’t compromise quality for the sake of quantity. Remember, trick or treaters will remember which house has the best candy and your house and lot for sale in Cavite can be that house.


No Halloween party is complete without a horror movie marathon. Ask your would-be party-goers to list their favorite horror movies of all time. Find the most common title among their answers and organize the official movie marathon list accordingly. Just don’t forget to have lots of popcorn ready.


When it comes to the food and drink, don't overlook giving it a nice Halloween twist as well. Dishes with a ketchup component work well because they can represent blood. Chicken dishes and recipes with the bone-in can also be a nice touch because it can allude to skeletons and the Halloween imagery that comes with it.

For dessert, try baking cookies in a ghost shape and top them off with some white frosting. Pumpkins are also a classic Halloween symbol, so anything pumpkin flavored would also work well. Orange flavored dessert can be a good substitute if pumpkins aren’t your fancy thanks to its color.

For drinks, try to incorporate red colors for the punch and fruit juices. To appease the adults and alcohol enthusiasts, there’s no better time to drink a bloody mary than on Halloween. If all else fails, wine can be the most fitting alcoholic beverage since it does represent blood in many cultures.


As you’ve read above, throwing a memorable Halloween house party can be simple. No matter the age, anyone can find something fun to do on Halloween, just don’t forget to neglect the tenets and traditions of the holiday in the first place. It would also pay to do some research beforehand so that you can be more confident in your planning decisions.

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