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Ready Mix Concrete and Its Benefits

Author: Fallon Brown
by Fallon Brown
Posted: Oct 19, 2019
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ReadyMix is a type of concrete that comes directly from a batch plant and is delivered on-site as a finished product. Ready-mixed is made and then supplied to the construction site as per the demand and need of the construction site. Usually, it takes 2 days to get the concrete readily available to deliver it on your site.

Ready Mix Concrete is used when the construction sites cannot mix the concrete on-site and also when the reduction of the overall cost is the priority.

Ready Mix concrete is well-known and most demanded among all because of the numerous benefits it posses and they are:

Convenient to use:

Readymix concrete is pretty easy and convenient to use when compared to on-site concrete mixing as you do not need to mix all the ingredients on site which needs accurate measurement and proper additions.


Readymix concrete is entirely environment-friendly as it requires no mixing process, and therefore, can save infinite wastage while mixing all the ingredients on the site.

Premium Quality:

The quality of the concrete that comes directly from the batch plant is 100% high and includes all the essential ingredients with perfect measurements. These are perfect and reliable even for larger jobs at times.

Fits the Budget:

Ready-mix concrete can save your bills, as it is premixed and comes directly from the manufacturing unit. And you can order the amount of concrete that fits your need. Hence no overpayment on over orders.

Ready Mix Concrete is considered by most of the construction sites these days. Because of the numerous benefits it posses and excellent quality, it brings to them. And the best part about it is that ready comes concrete comes with numerous grades that are useful for different needs of construction and they are:

Concrete Grade 10

Concrete Grade 15

Concrete Grade 20

Concrete Grade 25

Concrete Grade 30

Concrete Grade 35

Concrete Grade 40

All these grades vary according to the strength and need of your construction site and can be chosen as you need.

What are the uses of ready mix concrete?

Ready Mix Concrete is used to fulfil numerous construction procedures. But they are best for building driveways, construct roads, build foundations. Though the concrete comes into grey colour tone, you can give it a new colour if you are willing to create colourful or decorative driveways that compliment your area the best.

Readymixed Concrete has N number of benefits and finding the right local ready-mix concrete supplier doesn’t need to be difficult anymore. As we at 3Counties Concrete has got the concrete readily available for you. And the best part is we’ve got all the grades available with us, hence you won't have to hassle to get any concrete type you need.

All you have is to book our concrete online with the amount of concrete you need and we will send it to you in no time. At 3Counties Concrete you won't receive any concrete that is over or under order as with us and what’s more? you can also use our concrete calculator and only pay for what you use.

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Author: Fallon Brown

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