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Who Blocked Me on Twitter (Guide)

Author: Emilama Zapata
by Emilama Zapata
Posted: Oct 19, 2019

Twitter gives you the opportunity to control your feed by blocking people you don’t want to see. instagram followers Also, it can be a person that annoys you from messages, mentions, etc. you can easily block them.

You can’t get a full list of profiles that blocked you from Twitter.

  • Open Twitter on your PC or use the Twitter app on your phone.
  • Search the person you are suspecting that might block you. Write their username on the search box and go to their profile.
  • That means you were right, the person you were suspecting did really block you on Twitter.

  • You can not follow the person who blocked you on Twitter no more.
  • You can not see their tweets, mentions, media, likes, etc. However, this is mutual. The blocker can’t see your tweets, mentions, etc. unless he/she open your Twitter account and view your tweets.
  • Nonetheless, if they blocked you and want to see your tweets when they open your account, there is going to be an alert that says "[your account name] is blocked. Are you sure you want to view these Tweets? Viewing Tweets won’t unblock [your account name]." Moreover, there should be an option as "View Tweets." If they tap on it, they can see your tweets, mentions, etc.
  • If you mention someone who blocked you, they won’t see it. Unfortunately, you can’t send tweets to that person.
  • You can’t send private messages to your blocker anymore.
  • If you have mutual followers and they retweet your tweet, your blocker won’t see that tweet. And if your mutual follower sent a mention that includes you two, you both can see and reply to that tweet, but your blocker won’t see your reply.
  • Yes, unfortunately, it’s probably personal, but why would you want someone that already blocked you? Maybe it’s for the better because we all use social media apps to have fun.

    That’s why people ask the question: "who blocked me on Twitter."

    If you don’t have access to the blocker’s account, you can’t unblock yourself. Even if you have access, we don’t recommend this unless you have the blocker’s permission.

  • So if you want them to unblock you, ask yourself if you make them uncomfortable about something.
  • Try to find out why would he/she blocked you. It could be because of your tweets, messages, etc.
  • If there is a mutual follower that you two have, you can ask him/her to talk with your blocker. Maybe in this way you can find a way out.

    ell, Twitter is one of the biggest social media apps all around the world. Millions of people using Twitter every day.

    You can hurt someone’s feelings without knowing. Or it’s just your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend who doesn’t want to see your new relationships anymore. Or maybe it’s just a stranger, somehow pissed at you.

    You can only search their account name and see if they blocked you or not. Being blocked isn’t very pleasant, and there are significant consequences, but you know this is not the end of the world.

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    Im elimama travel and social media blogger.

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    Author: Emilama Zapata

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