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Save a Life by Knowing the Early Signs & Symptoms of Heart Disease

Author: Mount Alvernia Hospital
by Mount Alvernia Hospital
Posted: Oct 21, 2019

Health is one of the most important aspects of our lives. It is on our hands to maintain the state of our body and mind, and thereby, our overall health. In today’s world, heart diseases are a major cause for rising mortality. Heart disease describes a range of conditions that affect our heart. If you are suffering from a heart disease, it is recommended that you get yourself checked at regular intervals by a cardiologist in Singapore.

Some of the common heart diseases include heart attack, Arrhythmia, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease etc. If you are not aware of your health status, then given below are some of the signs and symptoms that you may be suffering from a cardiovascular disease, so that you may get yourself treated at the earliest or adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent the onset of these diseases.

Signs and symptoms of heart disease:

  1. Chest discomfort – it is the most common sign of heart disease. If you have a blocked artery or are having a heart attack, you may feel pain, tightness, or pressure in your chest. In such case, get yourself checked immediately at any of the 24-hour clinics in Singapore.
  2. Dizzy or lightheaded – a lot of things can make you lose your balance or feel faint for a moment. But if you suddenly feel unsteady and you also have shortness of breath, this could mean your blood pressure has dropped and your heart is not able to pump the way it should.
  3. Nausea, indigestion, heartburn, or stomach pain – some people have these symptoms during a heart attack along with vomiting. If you feel this way and you are at a risk for heart problems, do not ignore these symptoms and seek medical attention at the earliest.
  4. Pain that spreads to the arm – another heart attack symptom is pain that radiates down the left side of the body. It always starts from the chest and moves outward.
  5. You get exhausted easily – if you suddenly feel fatigued after doing something you had no problem doing in the past, you need to make an appointment with your doctor right away. These types of significant changes can be symptoms of heart disease, especially for women.
  6. Irregular heart beat – if you feel like your heart is beating out of time for more than just a few seconds, or if it happens quite often, you need to consult with your doctor. In most cases, it is caused by something that is easy to fix, but occasionally, it could be a signal to a serious condition that needs urgent treatment.

Heart diseases are often the result of unhealthy lifestyle. It is up to us to make necessary corrections in our lives to prevent the onset of heart diseases. If left unchecked, heart diseases can be potentially fatal. So, we should pay attention to the various symptoms and signs that can occur during the early stages of a cardiovascular disease.

In case of any doubt, you can always get a consultation booked with an experienced cardiologist in Singapore. Also, if you develop any of the symptoms that can be due to a cardiovascular emergency, do not delay medical attention even for a short duration. You can visit any of the 24 hours clinic Singapore which are equipped to tackle such conditions expertly at any point of time. It is the least you can do for your heart that beats nonstop tirelessly for you.
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