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Best Darjeeling Tea

Author: Darjeeling Tea Direct
by Darjeeling Tea Direct
Posted: Oct 24, 2019

Darjeeling alone produces around 10000 tons of tea annually, out of which more than half is exported abroad. It is considered the best tea in the world. The taste of Darjeeling tea definitely leaves a lasting impression on anyone who drinks it. Though the tea packages come from within the same geographical location, there are variations. Each and every tea-estate in Darjeeling has a distinctive taste which can be separated only by experts and tea-lovers.

Moreover, it is impossible to decide which is the Best Darjeeling Tea amongst the lot. Mainly because of the differences in taste preferences of the people. For some, it is the benefits they come with, regardless of the taste it brings. Still, some determine the best based on the demand and popularity of the tea. And then, some may not really care about tea at all, and we won’t take their input into consideration here.

So you can understand, there is no Best Darjeeling Tea. But Darjeeling grown tea is the best amongst the others and there is no typical Darjeeling Tea either. The teas are marked by variety, range, and price. They have increasingly different leaf characteristics and fineness in their own flavor and aroma. Which makes it rather difficult to judge and rate being a common person. However, it is possible to rate them according to their taste and aroma, their benefits and their popularity.


No doubt, the best in taste and aroma goes to Darjeeling Black Tea. The fragrant leaves of the first flush black tea when brewed give us a vibrant golden-yellow concoction. And with it a crisp and fresh sensation in your mouth. At first sip, the tea tastes like wildflowers with a distinctly bright note of grapefruit and lemon. Thereafter like some wildflower honey with a finish of hay. There are many different varieties of Black tea alone which are equally famous because of their properties. For instance, Arya, Darjeeling Masala Chai, Broken First Flush, Earl Grey, Puttabong Moondrop, just to name a few.

Darjeeling Green Tea is also not far behind the pecking order for the best taste and aroma. Mostly ordered and drunk by people wishing to revitalize their body or burn some body fat. The Green Tea beautifully weaves the flavours of Darjeeling Autumn-flush with notes of ripe grapes and berries. Leaving a typical vegetable flavor on your taste buds. Some of the types of Green teas are Arya Emerald, Giddapahar Green, Tulsi Lemongrass Green Tea, and so on.


There are Darjeeling teas that are beneficial to your health and helps in preventing some critical diseases. They are a powerhouse of antioxidants, with enhanced taste and health benefits. They get this benefit from the addition of beneficial herbs, spices, fruits and flowers, and its essence. In this, a balance of both black and white teas and even green tea comes into consideration. Some of these teas have the presence of phenolic compounds with exhibit-antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and anti-cancerous properties. They also have a mixture of some vitamins like Vitamin B3, vitamin A, C, D, and E. Thus a perfect concoction to invigorate your senses and rescind ailments. Some examples are Orange Peel Black Tea, Rose Chamomile White Tea, Tulsi Lemongrass Green Tea, and others.

The benefits of Oolong tea can also be considered for teas having medicinal value. Oolong tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols. These magnificent compounds prevent (to some extent) grave diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. They, like green tea, can aid in weight loss and helps in fighting obesity. Oolong tea also helps in improving skin health. The traditional home of Oolong tea is in China and Taiwan. Darjeeling Oolong tea is an exquisite blend of Indian and Chinese expertise. It is a successful combination of the woody muscatel notes of Darjeeling tea with the floral aromatic notes and lingering flavor of the Chinese oolong. Classic examples of Oolong tea are the Darjeeling Oolong Tea and the Glenburn Oolong Tea.


This is one category that varies from region to region, sometimes between different tea estates. But on the whole, we can say that Darjeeling Black tea is the most popular amongst the others. Nearly 6000 tons of the produce in Darjeeling is exported abroad every year. It is the most preferred tea worldwide by tea connoisseurs. The tea they serve in high-class cafes and hotels abroad or in India is the Darjeeling Balck Tea. Due to its taste and popularity, the price of Darjeeling tea is also rising each year.

The list then goes on to the other types like Darjeeling Oolong Teas, Darjeeling White Teas, and Darjeeling Green Teas. And the demand is variable for each of the three across the globe. But undoubtedly, Balck tea is the one which has won the hearts of millions of tea drinkers in the world.


Apart from Drinking, tea leaves have other functions and benefits, not related to drinking. Therefore, apart from being the most marketable beverage (after water) in the world, it doesn’t limit itself only for consumption. So after the benefit of health and medicine, the utility of tea leaves can be massive too.

Firstly, it helps improve the nature of your soil. After your first brew, most of the nutrients will have been consumed. But you will still have some left that you can put to use. Tea contains tannic acid, that helps with the speedy decomposition of the soil and it acts as a natural fertilizer. Acid loving plants like tomatoes or roses, grow healthier when used tea leaves are sprinkled along the base.

Secondly, it helps remove humidity. Who would’ve thought of that? To see this miracle, place the sun-dried tea leaves in the corner of your room, to reduce excess humidity.

It is also helpful in neutralizing bad odours. You can leave some used green tea leaves in a bowl and place it inside your refrigerator. This reduces the strong smell of garlic and onion inside. Even previously used tea bags can be placed inside the refrigerator to absorb bad odours. Green tea removes bad odours from your hands after you wash your hands with green tea leaves. Especially after you prepare some stinky foods like fish or meat.

Used Tea can act as a natural pesticide. Just sprinkle the infusion from used tea leaves at the base of your plants. This will help you avoid garden pests like mice and other bugs. At the same time improving the quality of your soil. It also protects the plants from fungal infections.

Tannins present independently in black tea makes up for an amazing taste. And they are also great in shining the hardwood floors. Without the use of too much water, apply and rub some used tea-leaves brew on hardwood floors. And let it air dry. You can also dip a soft cloth and use it to wipe and shine your wooden furniture. Or use it to sparkle the mirrors and windows of your house. Similarly, you can also use tea bags to remove stains at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Just leave those used tea bags in the toilet for several hours, or at night, then flush the toilet. Don’t forget to brush the bowl.

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