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Why French food and wine make a good combination?

Author: Sttropez Winebar
by Sttropez Winebar
Posted: Oct 25, 2019
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The French are very popular all over the world because of the delicious food and the wine separately, but no country obtains benefit by pairing food with wine as France does. This is the reasons why all French restaurants spread all over the world serve people a good combination of food and wine. Here is everything you should know about French food and wine pairing.

The pairing of food and wine is matching both to arouse pleasure in the entire dining experience. The French experts have concocted many rules and regulations, but every other restaurant have their palates, so never expect the same thing in all restaurants

Now the questions come how to pair the French food and wine?

  • Well! Here are a few tips on how you can get the best combination of food and wine.
  • Red wine works best with meat, and the white wine makes a better pairing with poultry and the seafood.
  • Never pair up raw fish or raw vegetables or goat cheese with the dry red wines.
  • Try to avoid desert or any strong cheese with pink wine or crisp white. But it doesn't put any constraints on making any new food and wine combinations. Dinning should be a fun experience in any French restaurant west village NYC. Every other person has their own set of interpretation about food and wine pairing.

How to taste perfectly the food-wine pairing?

If you want to know whether a particular food and wine pairing is good or not, then you are required to taste it by chewing a piece of food and taking a wine sip, while the food is still in the mouth. This gives the perfect view of the combination.

Have a look at some of the basic foods and what wine goes best with them according to some French experts. The most important thing to make a good pairing is maintaining simplicity which means pairing wine with simple dishes. Some of the examples are:

  • Oysters with Muscadet wine
  • Foie grass with the sweet white wine of champagne.
  • Fish or poultry with dry white wine.
  • With cheese best is red wine. If you are eating goat cheese then you should pick dry and fruity wine.

Tips to choose the best wine and French food pairing when you are present in a Soho NYC wine bars and French restaurant:

  • If you are relishing a dish with some sauce, then you can pair the wine with the type of sauce rather than the dish.
  • Some of the acidic food like citrus fruits pairs best with acidic white wine.
  • Wines having fruity taste work best with sweet dishes.
  • Tannic wines are best when paired with high-fat dishes like meat or string cheese.
  • Rich foods are best when they are served with rich or some acidic wines.
  • Weight and texture matter a lot. To offer a perfect balance between the food and wine, you should well match the texture of the food with that of the heaviness of the wine. If the balance is not perfect somehow, they will not blend nicely. You will see either the food or the wine is overpowering the other one.
  • The depth of the colour of both food and wine is also important as it affects the flavour intensity. Therefore, it is recommended by most of the experts to pair a wine that is light coloured with light coloured food.
So, these are a few things you should know about French and wine combination when you are heading to some nice French restaurant like St. Tropez Wine Bar. This restaurant offers the most delicious French food along with some good wine at affordable price.

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