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A Buyer's Guide for Solar Inverter

Author: Sonia Kapoor
by Sonia Kapoor
Posted: Oct 25, 2019

One of the most important elements of a solar power system is a solar inverter, as it plays a crucial role. It is a type of electrical converter which converts DC current generated by a PV solar panel to AC or alternating current. Whether it is a residential PV system or a utility power plant, it is considered as the brain of a solar power system. Besides the panel itself, the inverter is the most important equipment in a solar power system.

This AC power is then used up at home to run various appliances. The surplus electricity is either stored in home battery storage or fed into the grid. With the advancement of inverter technologies, a solar inverter performs other functions besides converting DC to AC energy. These functions include applications and system design engineering, advanced utility controls and data monitoring.

Types of solar inverters

  1. String inverters: String inverter is the most common type solar inverter used for solar panels residential and small or medium commercial systems. It is connected to a series or "string" of solar panels and converts DC to AC electricity. String inverters are connected to multiple solar panels. It is usually located at a short distance between the solar array and the switchboard in a sheltered place.
  2. Central inverters: Central inverters are specifically designed for commercial or utility solar systems. It is similar to string inverters but can support more strings of panels as they are much larger in size. Here the strings are connected together in a common combiner box instead of running directly to the inverter.
  3. Micro-inverters: A micro-inverter is suitable for shaded roofs and roofs that are very small to accommodate a string of panels. Micro-inverters remain attached to each panel in the system and converts DC power to 240V AC power. If one or more panels have low output compared to others, the performance of the remaining panels is not affected.
  4. Hybrid inverters: It is a combination of conventional on-grid inverter and off-grid inverters. Hybrid inverters are also known as multi-mode inverters as batteries can be plugged into the solar power system. It allows the storage of solar energy in a battery that can be used later.
  5. Battery inverters: Battery inverters administer the charging and discharge of a battery. Besides converting DC to AC power, they also convert AC to DC power for charging the battery. It helps to capture and store surplus solar energy.

Unique features and specifications of Mahindra Susten’s solar inverters

Based on their EPC experience, innovation strength and strong R&D, they chose to offer a differentiated value based products including solar inverters. Some of the unique features and specifications of Mahindra Susten’s solar inverters are:

  • Efficiency
  • Maximum power point tracking
  • Panel level optimization
  • Monitoring of production
  • Monitoring of consumption
  • Reliability and warranty

Services provided by Mahindra Susten

Their services can be broadly divided as:

  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Asset management

Mahindra Susten offer services to make sure that the inverter provide optimum performance. They provide post installation services which is essential for energy production maintenance and high level performance,quick MTTR or mean time to repair and O&M services.

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