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Everything About Latex Mattresses

Author: Sleep Options
by Sleep Options
Posted: Oct 25, 2019
latex mattress

Everything About Latex Mattresses

Discovered in the early 1900s by Dunlopillo, latex mattress was introduced to offer comfort and support. Latex is a natural product that comes from the sap of a rubber tree. A latex mattress is a combination of latex foam with reflex foam or springs. It has been a luxury mattress for many years. These days due to its availability, it has become more affordable and is a preferred choice of many. Over the years, some mattress material is often combined with other natural fillings to get the desired result.

Available in various designs and firmness levels, it has its advantages and disadvantages.


Speaks Comfort

Comfort is the other name for the latex mattress. When lying down on the bed, the body sinks but there is immediate support that is possible due to its natural springiness. Many define the orthopedic mattress in similar way are easily available in India.

Spine Alignment

One of the advantages of it is its ability to help the sleeper by naturally aligning the spine. It’s a huge benefit for health, keeping pain at bay and improving overall circulation.

The Natural Way: The natural properties of the latex enhance comfort providing restful sleep to the person. When a person lies down on the bed giving a bounce is the result of the natural properties. It’s free of any harmful chemicals. Moreover, it’s eco-friendly not only because these are made natural material but also these trees convert million tons of carbon dioxide into oxygen.

An ideal choice for alleviating pain

GIven its so many benefits, these are often recommended by therapists, chiropractors for relieving pain. People suffering from acute back pain or joint pain can benefit from this mattress. Also, it responds quickly to the person’s weight and movements supporting the heaviest body parts by releasing pressure.

Say goodbye to dust mites

Without any use of chemicals, these are resistant to dust mites which is a huge advantage in a situation where the person is living in a humid climate. Other mattresses such as spring which do harbor dust mites because the use of harsh chemicals. This promotes a healthy and fresh sleep environment.

Air circulation

The list of benefits is long and endless. Facilitating good air circulation is another benefit in addition to hygiene. Again, it is suitable for people living in humid climates, it doesn’t allow perspiration to linger promoting sound sleep.


These mattresses are highly durable. Buyers don’t have to worry about replacement anytime soon. It would take years to replace these. This is one of the highest satisfaction factors with latex mattresses.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Since it doesn’t have any metal content, it will not amplify electromagnetic radiation unlike its spring counterpart that has metal springs that act as an antenna


The movement of one partner doesn’t disturb the other person. This is highly satisfactory in case the partner takes frequent breaks waking up the other partner. It would be very comfortable for both the partners.

With so many benefits, it has its disadvantages. But given its benefits, the disadvantages are outnumbered. The disadvantages are given below.


These are (expensive) than the regular spring mattress but one needs to understand the value that a latex mattress brings in. It’s more durable and provides good support. One has to think of it as a long term investment and it’s a one time buy a product that can support the person.


These are heavy mattresses and would pose problems for those who wish to move it or lift it. One can always ask for help and it isn’t the case that somebody would want to move the mattress frequently.

Whether a person wants to buy a single bed mattress or double bed, latex mattress. However, there are other mattresses that one can get online easily such as memory foam or gel.

With so many brands available, it’s quite overwhelming. It’s best to rely on a brand that has been in the market for a long time. That one brand is Sleep options. This brand offers two types of latex mattresses. The first one is called the Distinction 8" latex foam mattress. Designed with natural latex foam material, this is a perfect option that not only provides restful sleep but also is affordable. Moreover, it has the aforementioned advantages which involve hypoallergenic, natural dust mite, mildew and mold resistant.

Buyers can expect extra comfort and support resulting in much more restful and restorative sleep. As the brand is committed to offering the best, they have premium ribbon knitted covers that are cooler as compared to the traditional velour ones. The other option is different in size with all the same features. If someone is looking for natural latex foam mattresses, they can check out these options. Having said that, buyers will be happy with the purchase.

There are many mattresses in the market and latex has the most natural material. There are two ways to create this mattress. One is the Talalay method and the other is the Dunlop method. In the former method, the tree sap that is harvested from rubber trees is poured into a mold only halfway. The rest is filled with air using a vacuum, creating a uniform density in the mattress.

In the latter method, the mold is filled completely resulting in a lighter top and a dense bottom. That was all on latex mattresses. You can easily purchase them online these days just be sure about the trial period. Happy Buying!

Brand Overview: Sleep Options, a brand of Classic Corporation, is one of the topmost brands for producing finest mattresses to provide the ultimate comfort and optimum sleeping experience. The brand’s products are made from the highest quality materials with innovative design and craftsmanship. These not only offer the restful sleep but also rejuvenates the body having high energy to get you through the day.

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Sleep Options is a young and contemporary mattress firm curated to meet the demand of a new India. We offer a wonderful world of sound sleep and seamless rest shaped as quality mattresses. For more info visit

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