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What is Spinal Fusion?

Author: Magnus Medi
by Magnus Medi
Posted: Oct 25, 2019
spinal fusion

Spinal fusion is surgery to permanently join two or more vertebrae in your spine. The goal of spine fusion surgery is to stop movement between the two bones and prevent back pain. A Vertebrae are the small, interlocking bones of the spine. During the spinal fusion surgery, the surgeon will place a bone or bonelike material within the space between two spinal vertebrae. And to hold the vertebrae together doctor may use Metal plates, screws, and rods so they can heal as one solid unit once the bone is healing, there’s no longer space between them.

There are more terms refer to Spinal fusion such as:Arthrodesis.Anterior spinal fusion.Posterior spinal fusion.Vertebral interbody fusion.Why you need this surgery?If medicines, other treatment, physical therapy, and steroids don't help with your back pain, then this surgery might be the option for you. Spinal fusion permanently joins the two or more vertebrae in your spine to improve stability, reduce the pain and to correct the deformity. The doctor usually recommends this surgery when they know what exactly causing the problem.

Spinal weakness - Spine become unstable if there is excessive motion between two vertebrae, this is a common side effect of severe arthritis in the spine. Spinal fusion is used to restore spinal stability.Deformities of the spine - Spinal fusion can help correct spinal deformities such as scoliosis (your spine curves abnormally to one side).Herniated disk - After removal of damaged disk spinal fusion may be used to stabilize the spine.Spondylolisthesis - The forward shifting of spine disk.Tumor or spine infection.Fracture spine bone.spine-fusion-surgeryRiskSpinal fusion is safe surgery, but like any other surgeries, spinal fusion does carry the potential risk, such as:

Infection.Poor wound healing.Bleeding.Blood clots.Injury to blood vessels around the spine.Pain at the place from where the bone graft is taken.Preparing for spinal fusionThe preparation for spinal fusion requires preoperative laboratory testing:

Before the surgery, you may have a blood test and spinal X-rayFind out if you can eat or drink before the procedureGet a list of medication which you can or cannot take the days before surgery. some drugs like herbs, supplements, anti-inflammation or aspirin may be unsafe.The doctor may ask you to stop or quit smoking before the procedure as smoking may reduce your ability to heal from spinal fusion.Inform your doctor if you are an alcohol user.If you have any illness such as cold, flu, etc.Related Post - Lumbar spine surgeryDiscuss with your doctor about the medication you are taking before and after the surgery. Your doctor may provide special instructions if you’re taking medications that could affect blood clotting.

How is spinal fusion performed?Spinal fusion performed in the surgical department at the hospital. You will be under general anesthesia so you won’t be conscious or feel any pain during the procedure. The surgery technique will be depending on the location of

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Spinal fusion is surgery to permanently join two or more vertebrae in your spine. The goal of fusion surgery is to stop movement between the two bones and prevent back pain

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