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Best tips for successful social media marketing

Author: Monica Geller
by Monica Geller
Posted: Oct 26, 2019
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Every brand wants a presence on social media channels to gain more following and increase sales. Building brands on social media will need strategies to follow by the business. For these strategies to come into picture there are agencies who give social media marketing services to the businesses. For successful marketing of the product or services, there are few tips to follow.

1. Identify the goals: It is a smart practice for the businesses to start with setting a goal. Use the best goal strategy to create a step for successful social media marketing. Being SMART is very important when identifying the goals of a business.

Specific: Vague goals do not work for any business, there should be specific goals and an objective for every goal. Goals must nail down exactly what is expected of the plan.

Measurable: The goal should be measurable. It is better to have quantifiable goals for a better understanding of the ROI.

Attainable: Don’t plan and strategize for goals that cannot be attained. Having a long-term goal is effective but that goal shouldn’t be something that will take forever to achieve.

Relevant: The goal set should definitely be relevant to the overall marketing goal that you have planned in the initial stage.

Timely: There should be deadlines for every goal. Without deadlines, no one will work effectively. Timely delivery will make the companies accountable to the goals.

2. Identify the audience: You know your niche and you also know your target audience. It is always better to identify the audience beforehand and then develop a plan on how and what products to market to the audience.

Example: If you market a lipstick product on social media to a boy who is at the age of 18-20, then there is no chance for the user to buy the product.

So, when the product I promoted, you should know the audience and then promote them on various social platforms.

  1. Choose the best platforms: There are many social platforms that help different businesses differently, and not every business should be on every platform. There are a few platforms that businesses should focus on according to their niche. If there are so many platforms that your business has a presence, then the person managing the accounts might not be able to handle, get off track and end up with no returns. So, it is better to know what platforms your audience is in and which one gives the best results.
  2. Consistency: Staying in constant touch with the audience gives more impact on the business. They will feel a sense of connection with the brand and will stay loyal towards the brand.

You should curate and create content that will attract the audience, with perfect mage made for the content. Once the audience likes a brand, they will follow the brand on various social media platforms. So, it is important to engage the audience with posting content constantly.

5. Measure results: After everything is under place, you need to measure up the results that you have got from different platforms. Compare them with that of the goals that you have set at the start. Check where you are standing in the competition or at least where you are from the goal that you have set.

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I am an SEO Analyst working in a leading digital marketing agency.

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Author: Monica Geller

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