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The Latest News from Greek Tourism Industry

Author: Rotaro Bernaz
by Rotaro Bernaz
Posted: Oct 25, 2019
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The latest news from Greece reveals that the tourism industry has continued in an upward surge in recent years and can be regarded as the most performing sector in the country. Greece has some of the best tourist destinations in Europe, and the world at large. The wealth of tourist destinations of Greece has brought about a very stable and steady flowing source of income for the Greek people engaged in the formal and informal sectors of the economy, and also to the government. The tourism sector continues to provide employment opportunities for Greeks and non-Greeks. One of the reasons why the global financial crisis was unable to totally envelop Greece was because of the tourism sector. It is evident that Greece, and Greeks lost and borrowed a lot during the financial debacle, but the tourism sector has continued to reap gains after gains after every fiscal year ends.

Thomas Cook collapse causes problems for the Greek economy

Some latest news from Greece shows that the Greek economy continues to reap benefits from the tourism sector for its citizens through job creation and improved living standards. More latest news coming from Greece concerning the tourism industry has is that the travel booking and management giant, Thomas Cook, had left thousands of passengers stranded in Greece recently forcing the Ministry of Tourism to cover the travel expenses of the tourists stranded in Greece. The Thomas Cook problem caused a lot of headache for the Greek government as the tourism sector suffered a rare setback in years. Many hospitality services providers had to cut their losses and look for other clients, for other service providers who granted exclusive services to Thomas Cook, the effect of the collapse was crippling.

The Refugee and Migrant Asylum Bill

Greece also has some issues which may adversely affect the tourism industry. The controversial Refugee and Migrant Asylum Bill which aims at giving migrants asylum in Greece for an extended time period has continued to receive negative comments from all concerned quarters. The bill has good intentions for asylum seekers but there are some strong reasons to back the unpopular tag the bill currently has dangling around its neck. The bill may have negative consequences for the Greek people as most of the illegal migrants are from war-torn and poverty-stricken nations.

Fears arising from the development and reading of the Refugee and Migrant Asylum Bill by parliament

Some of the migrants are feared to be members of terrorist groups fleeing capture from the battlefield under the guise of being refugees. This makes the people to believe that such individuals in the country could harm tourist and cripple the tourism sector. The fears of the Greek people are founded on solid ground as the examples of Germany (Christmas market attack), Morocco (Beach hotel killing of tourists), France (Charlie Hebdo shooting), USA (Underwear bomber), UK (Knife attacks) among others too numerous to mention have been attacks carried out on foreign soil by immigrants that have lived in the respective countries for many years. This is the major reason why the bill is largely unpopular among the Greek people as it could have a negative impact on general Greek tourism.

Recent infrastructural gains of the Greek tourism sector:

Away from the fears and all that, the Greek tourism industry has continued to support the development of infrastructure in many tourist destinations all over the country. For instance, latest news from media outlets reveal that many hotelier giants are currently in the final stages of adding more tourist relaxations spots and five-star lodging services to clients. This further increases the capital base of the Greek economy as through the expansion of the private sector tourism industry, taxable businesses are created, generating more sources of income for the government. This could also lead to informal sector employment for a great number of Greeks.


The Greek tourism sector has all the makings to be a constant income source for the government and the people. So far, the Greek government has continued to make effective use of the tourism sector to gradually balance its recovering economy

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