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Care guide to using Flame Moss and Peacock Moss

Author: Christopher Thomas
by Christopher Thomas
Posted: Oct 29, 2019
flame moss

Flame Moss and Peacock Moss is an uncommon variant of the creeping mosses. It belongs to the Hypnaceae family, and the scientific name of the flame moss is Taxiphyllum Sp. For retaining the survival of the moss, you need fresh water. Freshwater is the habitat of most of the creeping moss. It gives a distinctive look to your vivarium. When peacock moss grows, this looks like a flame. These mosses grow upward and form fascinating bunches. These plants cover the 4 inches height, which is higher than many aquatic mosses.

Important factors to care the Flame Moss and Peacock Moss:


One of the essential aspects to grow the Flame Moss and Peacock Moss is temperature. Before planting this moss in your aquarium, search the temperature of your area. The heat bear range of the peacock mosses is 68 degrees to 69 degrees Fahrenheit. If you plant the creeping moss in the temperature, which exceeds this heat can lower and destroy the moss. A proper propagation is only possible of moss if it gets a suitable atmosphere to expand.

Whatever is the temperature of the area, but always consider keeping the water of the tank cool. Cool water temperature helps to spread the moss easily and quickly.


When it is about choosing the surface for the mosses, we should consider the rough surface. On the rough surface, we can connect the mosses. For attaching the mosses with the covers, you need to place the Flame Moss and Peacock Moss on the surface and tie the moss with the black thread. Many mosses are capable of self-attaching with the surface. Mosses will cover all the areas quickly and start to spread over the whole surface.

There are many recommendations about using the thread to attach moss with the surface. Most people suggest using cotton threads because of the capability to dissolve in the water and to disappear.

Proper lighting arrangement and pruning

The lighting situation is critical to growing aquatic moss. For growing the mosses, we need to set a proper system where Flame Moss and Peacock Moss gets appropriate light. Most of the time happens that the moss starts receiving much light than required. Much consumption of the sunlight can affect the propagation of the flame moss. Besides the lighting, pruning is also an essential part of spreading the moss. Many parts of the mosses grow lengthy than other mosses; it is crucial that you prune the mosses so that these would not affect the propagation of the mosses.

PH Range

Flame moss is an aquatic plant that grows in the freshwater, but it also can survive in the brackish water. The ideal PH levels for the mosses are 5 to 6, but in the case of Flame Moss and Peacock Moss, it is 6 to 7.5.


You can grow the surface without having the substrate. There is no requirement of the substrate in the aquarium to propagate moss on the surface.

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