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Is Artificial Intelligence in Smartphones Truly Revolutionary or Glorified?

Author: Aretove Technologies
by Aretove Technologies
Posted: Oct 30, 2019

According to reports published by Gartner by 2022, about 80% of smartphones will have built-in applications of Artificial Intelligence.

Many of us might not have realized, but AI has already been present in smartphones for a while now. AI has been used in features like voice assistants - Siri or the Google Voice assistant with AI. But yes, smartphones are seemingly getting smarter today with the integration of the latest AI techniques!

This is indeed hard to ignore, but do you think that AI in smartphones genuinely deserves this attention?

What is AI doing in smartphones?

Market experts say that the difference in having a normal smartphone and an artificially intelligent smartphone is that while the former will simply obey you, the latter, apart from obeying your commands will also help you decide what is best for you.

To aid in forming decisions, AI will not process highly complex calculations. It will carry out sparse processing to recognize languages, voices, and images, and then processthose like other data. This will help in making better decisions, performance optimization, and much-improved integration with the phone camera, batteries and microphone.

Advancement In AI:

For those whose speech is impaired after paralysis, what they wish to say remains in their brains. But the advancement in AI has offered a major breakthrough in understanding what they want to communicate to the rest of the world!

Yes, AI in healthcare is now being used to decipher speech by tracking our brain activities.

What is new about AI in smartphones?

Till a few years back, AI used to be mainly cloud-based and required a stable internet connection to work. But going by current Artificial Intelligence trends, the new generation smartphones will come with both cloud-based and built-in AI chipsets in the hardware. Apple, Google and the other tech giants have already announced this.

AI will now render different services based on the devices it is equipped in. For example, one of the AI-powered features on the Google Pixel 2 is Now Playing. It uses a database containing over 100,000 songs updated weekly and customized according to location. With this setup, the smartphone will be able to detect and inform the user about which song is playing in the background.

AI will also improve Google features like the Google lens and live translations. AI also goes on to compensate for low-resolution pictures by finding out the missing pixels and then allowing a better display by zooming in.

As per Gartner, AI & Machine Learning will improve face recognition in smartphones which will naturally make it more secure. And smartphones will be able to recognize human emotions too, thanks to AI.

The progress of AI in this sphere has shocked many. Earlier, people with limited speaking and hearing abilities could only use their eyes to make small movements to control on-screen letters and cursors, like Professor Stephen Hawking used his cheek to trigger a switch mounted within his glasses.

But now with this tremendous Advancement in AI, a brain-controlled interface can help in achieving greater precision and accuracy in communication.


With its infinite capabilities, AI has stirred up a huge craze all over the world. And going by all that it can perform, AI in smartphones has indeed brought in a technological revolution.

About the Author

Ms. Aanchal Iyer is the Digital Marketing Manager and a Content Strategist for Aretove Technologies Pvt.Ltd. She has experience of 11+ years as a content consultant.

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