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Advantages and disadvantages of industrial and natural wood kitchen cabinets

Author: Sua Do Go Tuan Dat
by Sua Do Go Tuan Dat
Posted: Nov 01, 2019

Should make kitchen cabinets made of natural wood or industrial wood?

Currently, many customers wonder and ask: "Should kitchen cabinets made of natural wood or industrial wood?". By the kitchen cabinets of these two types of wood lines have their own advantages and features. First of all, find out in detail each of the following kitchen cabinets:

a. Industrial wood kitchen cabinets

This is a high-class wooden kitchen cabinet, commonly used on the market today. Industrial wood kitchen cabinets are crowded by customers selected for the quality of aesthetics as well as the modern with some additional advantages such as:

  • Warping, termite resistance

One of the great advantages of industrial wood kitchen cabinets is extremely good resistance to warping. The line of kitchen cabinets made from industrial wood on modern production lines, good quality wood so it is difficult to warp, shrink or crack due to changing weather.

In addition, during the process of construction, drying, wood is processed with anti-termite compounds. Therefore, overcoming disadvantages of natural wood lines, avoiding termite infiltration, causing severe damage.

Is industrial wood kitchen cabinets good?

  • High color fastness

Depending on the materials of wood and paint, the color fastness of industrial wood cabinets will vary. However, compared to natural wood, industrial cabinets have a higher color fastness. For example, with Veneer wood kitchen cabinets covered with non-sprayed PU paint, the wood grain lasts a long time. In contrast, if the PU paint is dark, it can only be maintained for a maximum of 5 years, the service life is from 15 years to 20 years.

MFC or MDF industrial wood kitchen cabinets are more durable painted surfaces than PU paint. The kitchen's life expectancy is about 15 years if in humid conditions not exceeding 80%.

  • Good moisture resistance

Typically, industrial kitchen cabinets today are coated with Melamine and Laminate. At the same time, the structure of plywood is easy to absorb moisture, withstand impact, extremely good water resistance. The moisture resistance of industrial kitchen cabinets is also quite high, it adapts to the environment, especially weather When the climate is hot, humid, much rain in our country.

Industrial wood kitchen cabinets are capable of chiu moisture, anti-moth good

Industrial wood kitchen cabinets are capable of chiu moisture, anti-moth good

  • High durability

Due to the structure is different from natural wood, no-grain industrial wood, wood grain is also compressed at high pressure so it has uniform stiffness, less deformed due to pressure by the forces acting. On average, in ideal environmental conditions, good humidity, industrial wood kitchen cabinets have a lifespan of 15 — 25 years.

In addition, when using industrial wood kitchen cabinets, you can easily execute, install, clean, ensure the aesthetics of the family kitchen space.

Although bringing many benefits to users, the product line of industrial wood kitchen cabinets still has the following limitations:

  • Not durable with water

Although highly resistant to moisture, industrial wood kitchen cabinets are not water resistant. The characteristic of this wood is strong water absorption, so if you encounter water, it is easy to peel off the glue link.

  • Difficult to fabricate complex details

Constructors and manufacturers of kitchen cabinets also said that due to the physical and mechanical characteristics of industrial wood, it is very difficult to manufacture meticulous and elaborate fine art details in the manufacturing process.

Industrial wood kitchen cabinets are difficult to fabricate with intricate details

  • No cozy beauty

Of course, compared to natural wood, industrial wood does not have the cozy and harmonious beauty because there are completely grain lines and real wood grain, looking at some still rough and hard textures.

So. "Is industrial wooden kitchen cabinets good?" — The answer is Good. However, you need to choose the right wood material and have the right storage to ensure maximum life for the kitchen cabinets.

b. Natural wood kitchen cabinets

Although it is more expensive than industrial wood kitchen cabinets, many families still invest and choose the cabinets made from natural wood because it possesses many outstanding advantages.

  • Number 1, the beauty is very natural

This is the most prominent advantage of natural wood kitchen cabinets. With good wood material, harmonious colors so it will bring natural beauty, creating a cozy, luxurious and outstanding feeling for the kitchen.

Natural kitchen cabinets bring true beauty

  • Number 2, high durability

Another outstanding advantage of natural wood is its high durability. In particular, some types of wood such as fine oak, ironwood, redwood, incense,... extremely hard, can contact with water, do not warp. Besides, in the process of manufacturing, natural wood is conducted through many stages such as polishing, drying extremely picky. Therefore, kitchen cabinets will be durable over time, less damaged.

  • Number 3, bring certainty

Natural wooden kitchen cabinets are rugged as well as high stability. Therefore, you can easily move cabinets from one place to another without any difficulty. Even in the process of transportation, you do not worry about the cabinet is damaged or the parts are left out.

  • Number 4, good water resistance

Compared to industrial wood kitchen cabinets, natural wood is more durable when exposed to water. Products made from these woods are water resistant and moisture resistant. However, to achieve this, in the production process, the wood must be carefully painted, carefully dried, not exposed.

  • Number 5, stylish

Natural wood has a lot of different sizes. Under the talented hands of the craftsman, a natural wooden body is made into many rich designs. With aesthetic motifs and attractive, attractive styles. For those who love the rustic features, they will choose more natural wood kitchen cabinets. Because of that, the indoor cooking room looks very luxurious and elegant, but also shows the "taste" of the owner.

Natural wooden kitchen cabinets bring many different styles


  • High price

Due to the high demand of customers and the scarcity of natural wood. Therefore, compared to industrial wood kitchen cabinets, this wood line has a very high price, especially some products imported from abroad. Moreover, in the process of making natural wood kitchen cabinets, it is necessary to be meticulous, careful as well as machined so it costs more.

  • Warping, shrinkage

Different from industrial wood cabinets, when processing natural wood requires high skills of workers. Finesse, meticulousness and expertise are required.

Therefore, if the workers are not professional, not highly skilled, it is easy to produce poor quality cabinets and poor durability. In particular, details such as cabinet doors, cabinet doors, interior compartments are prone to shrinkage, warping.

Above are some advantages and disadvantages of natural wood kitchen cabinets and industrial wood kitchen cabinets. Each product line has its own features and characteristics, so depending on the economic conditions as well as the needs of use, you can choose the most suitable kitchen cabinets. For more information:

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