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Missing Teeth - Causes, Effects and Solutions

Author: Mornington Denture
by Mornington Denture
Posted: Nov 01, 2019

Many people are born without certain teeth. This condition is called congenitally missing teeth. Genetic factors mainly cause this type of problem. The most common types of missing teeth are wisdom teeth, second premolars, upper lateral incisors and more. On the other hand, some people lose their teeth because of gum disease, tooth decay and injury.

Missing teeth cause a person several problems, including eating and talking difficulties. If you are one of them, then you have to focus on its solutions. Denture plates can be an excellent pick for fixing the problems of missing teeth. If you look carefully, then you will understand that several things can fix missing teeth problems. Continue reading to know about them but before that, check out its causes and effects first.


Several things might cause you missing teeth. Inherited disorders are one of them. It might result in multiple missing teeth. Ectodermal dysplasia is a very common type of genetic defect that causes missing teeth. Tooth decay and other gum problems can also result in missing teeth. Continue reading to know about the effects of missing teeth.


Your missing teeth might cause several problems. Let's start with chewing. If you don't have teeth, then chewing will become a difficult job for you. It will change your eating habit and might also result in poor nutrition. Another common problem associated with missing teeth is speaking problem. People with missing teeth often find it difficult to speak normally.

Missing teeth will cause extra room in your mouth. It often results in teeth shift. Because of your missing teeth, you might also lose your bone from the jaw. It will cause a change in your facial structure. So finally it is also fair to conclude that missing teeth can also make you look aesthetically unpleasing.


If you search carefully, then you will find several solutions that work excellently in treating missing teeth problems. Read here the 2 of them:

  • If you want to replace one single tooth, then you can opt for dental implants. However, people who want to replace several missing teeth can also consider opting for this solution. Dental implanting is a surgical process in which experts create a titanium base for artificial teeth. This type of teeth lasts for several years.
  • Denture is another popular solution that you can choose to solve your missing teeth problems. This is a great option for missing teeth. You can take it out or put it back in its place whenever you want. They are mainly available into two types – full and partial dentures.

People who want to replace all of their missing teeth should opt for a full denture. Others should stick with partial dentures. With time the denture might feel uncomfortable in your mouth. In a situation like this, you should visit a denture repair clinic to fix the issues.

These are all the information about missing teeth. Hope knowing the facts will help you to address your issues.

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