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All about music distribution

Author: Sugo Music Group
by Sugo Music Group
Posted: Nov 02, 2019

Music distribution is the bridge between the finished record and the fans who would love your music forever. Distribution is said to be the crucial part of the music promotion. Earlier, the brick and mortar music distributors were the only way through which independent artists and record labels would get their records in the hand of the listeners. But now, digital distribution has made things easier. For the first time in 2015, digital distribution has surpassed the sales of physical mediums.

For budding artists, the digital distribution has become a must in order to reach out the potential fans. Your visibility grows vehemently with a smart distribution where your music will be heard by many ears as possible. It also helps you receive remuneration for your music.

Music distribution is how the music gets delivered to the listener. Earlier, the distributors entered into an agreement with the record labels in order to sell it to stores but with the advent of the digital distribution, all of it has been changed since there is a cut in the middle man. This allows the artists to distribute the music directly to the online store where they can keep 100% of the royalties.

But how does the music distribution work in the present market?

The main aim of digital distribution is to get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and many other streaming platforms and other digital music stores. You can think of them like a digital record shop where once the music is in it, people can not only stream it but also download it and buy the music. In exchange of this, the artists receive royalties which depend on how and where the user has heard your music. Similar to traditional record stores, digital music stores can receive music from digital distribution companies. But the only difference is that instead of shipping boxes of vinyl every week, digital distributors can deliver digital music to the famous music stores. Digital distribution has changed everything so much that what used to take weeks or months of the manufacturing and shipping and upfront cost, now it has become all simple in just a few clicks.

It can also be said that the traditional means of distributing the records in stores and then people buying it through promotion still exists to some extent. But the role of record labels and distributors has been changed dramatically. The uplift on internet has changed the way people listen to music. People are spending more time online and less and less on physical music.

Moreover, the energy and resource of physical distribution are for the top-selling records only. If smaller brands sign it, they get trapped in the exclusive agreement which further hinders their success. It is for this reason that digital distribution is the smart way where records can be out easily and the full rights can be kept by the musician. In this context, Sugo Music Group is one of the bets music distributors in California.

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