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Benefits of Rigid Inflatable Boats

Author: Jack Su
by Jack Su
Posted: Nov 03, 2019
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No matter it's hot or cold outside, being out in the water is one of the best feelings in the world. I myself love sailing out to the sea with my inflatable boat and I love riding my favorite super-motorcycle. This feeling is so good that it attracts more and more people to join in. If you are planning to buy yourself a small sailing boat, I will tell you that the rigid inflatable boat (RIB) is one of the best options on the market. Compared with other soft bottom inflatable boats, the hard bottom RIBs are more versatile and safe because they can withstand the currents of the sea. Let's take a look at the various benefits of hard bottom rigid inflatable boats.

1. Extremely Safe

We all know that the most important character of a boat is safety. Inflatable boats can be said to be virtually unsinkable in comparison to the traditional boats. The inflatable tubes surrounding the boat provide excellent buoyancy and their multiple air chambers ensure that even in the worse case, you will not sink immediately. That's why inflatable boats are very popular for starters. In addition, hard bottom inflatable boats are great at handling rougher seas and collision resistant, which makes the boat more stable and your sailing on the sea will be smooth and safe.

2. Very Comfortable

Another important character of a boat is comfort. As mentioned above, the inflatable tubes surrounding the boat can provide shock absorption, stability and cushion, reducing the possibility of getting seasick. So everything works effortlessly and you can enjoy an easygoing sail. If you want to be more comfortable on the water, hard bottom inflatable boats are a smooth cruise.

3. Incredible Versatility

The excellent buoyancy and stability of the rigid inflatable boats give you good loading capacity and numerous options for recreational or working purposes. They are suitable for both salt water and fresh water. Therefore, you can go swimming, snorkeling, get in touch with nature and marine life, watersports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, sucba diving, fishing, and many more.

4. Minimum Maintenance

The RIBs are made of very resistant materials. The inflatable tubes are resilient to perforations, and if they do, they are quite simple to fix. With a rigid hull, RIBs are sturdy enough to withstand any harsh conditions. This is very important for a vessel. In order to make your rigid inflatable boat last longer, all you need to do is keep it clean, store it in a safe place with cover and check it regularly.

5. Energy Efficiency

For RIBs and hard bottom inflatable boats with an outboard motor, they are quite lightweight, so the engine is super fuel efficient. You can use an inflatable boat to its full potential easily by speeding up with less power, saving gas compared to other heavy boats. That's why the Coast Guard, Police, Navy and Army choose the rigid inflatable boats to perform their daily water patrols and rescue missions.

Rigid inflatable boats are only one type in the various inflatable boats. If you need a safe, portable, convenient, versatile and efficient vessel for your water activities, come to Sunjoy Inflatables and custom your own inflatable boat! You can buy wholesale inflatable dinghies, inflatable kayaks, inflatable rafts, inflatable SUP boards and other inflatable water games from us.

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Author: Jack Su

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