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5 tactics used to increase content marketing through social sharing icons.

Author: Monica Geller
by Monica Geller
Posted: Nov 05, 2019
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Many businesses that aim at expanding their business will make sure to go for different marketing methods. When it comes to marketing it is the digital technology that is doing the rounds and the most important thing in digital marketing is content. We can find the best content marketing agency in Hyderabad that will help you out on how social sharing will help improve the growth of the business. Social media is the most important media that is running now as each one is on social media. So, they know where and when to share things.

Placing social icons on the web as well as in the mobile pages is a great way to allow the users to share the information easily. Let us look at a few tactics that the agency will apply to make the content easily sharable.

  1. Make social sharing mobile-friendly: It is the phone that rules the world today. Every person has access to all the social media platforms on their mobile and when they visit the website and like the products or services, they look for the social media presence of the website. That is when your social sharing will do wonders. They will click on the social icons which they wish to see and look for products that they like and, they might purchase the product or avail the service if required. This will give an increase in traffic to the website.
  2. Social sharing icons in an email: Email can never go out of fashion and giving the social sharing icons in the email will surely give a boost to the traffic on the website. Your email subscribers are already interested in your content and that is the reason they have subscribed for your newsletter in the first place. So, adding the social icons in the email will be easy for them to share that on their social channels.
  3. Encourage to share: People get more encouraged when they are offered something or when you incentivize them. Inform in the email to share the content and get an offer. And people don’t just share things because of the offer; the content in the email must be interesting and attractive to make it worth the share. Provide the social sharing icons in the email and if they find it to be interesting, then they will share it on their social media.
  4. Relevant sharing options: It is not the quantity of the social sharing icons put in the email; it is the relevancy of the icons that is more important. If the icons are more, there is no possibility of getting more likes or shares. It is just the relevancy of the icons that will give meaning to sharing.

You need to make sure to do some research on the most relevant and important social platforms. On these platforms, a lot of people will be able to see the posts and the traffic to the website will also be improved.

5. Copy and share content formula: Few websites have this option where the content when it is copied, it displays the option of sharing. In this way, you can ask your visitors who liked your content to share on their social channels. There are applications that will help you to track on the number of shared content and how they are doing.

Increasing social sharing with content marketing is very profitable to the business especially for the business to grow. Social sharing will work as a route to brand loyalty as well as engagement with the audience will be improved.

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I am an SEO Analyst working in a leading digital marketing agency.

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Author: Monica Geller

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