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4 best ways to use keywords in the right way for SEO

Author: Monica Geller
by Monica Geller
Posted: Nov 08, 2019
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The term keyword is something that every person knows. The keyword density must match to the content, if it is repeated multiple times, the ranking of the website will decline, and it will not be shown on the first page of the web search.

There are many digital marketing companies that are offering the services of SEO but is better to hire an SEO company in Hyderabad that mainly focuses on the optimization part of the website. They will focus on creating useful, informational content, optimize the keyword in the content and not just stuff them, etc. Using these keywords properly is not everyone’s cup of tea, so an SEO company when hired will know the answers to what, why, when and how and they don’t just stuff the keywords which are widely condemned by the search engines, as they know it will lead to search penalty.

How to use keywords the right way?

Focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately in the content of the web page. Use the following practices to optimize your pages.

  1. Primary keyword for every page: There are many tools like Alexa and Google keyword planner that give keywords for every primary term that we search for. The primary phrase or the keyword taken should be very much closely tied to the content, competition being lower to the keyword and relevant to the topic. All these will give a chance of getting ranked on top in search engines for that term. The use of target keyword shouldn’t match with other keywords on your website webpages, this is because your webpages won’t compete and give the search engine a clear message about what each web page is about.
  2. Write the minimum word limit: Search engines love when there is relevant content on the webpage. To make them rank our website there should be a minimum word of 300 or above in the main body of the page. If the information provided in the main body is educative and helpful, then the search will surely put the website on top when the user types in the keyword. The minimum word limit in the body with the right keyword will help the web crawlers to easily get the content and put it on top for the users to read it.
  3. Appropriate primary and secondary keywords: Using of target primary keyword should be below 2% and overusing will not give any positive result to the website.

Secondary keywords will tell the search engines that the web page is relevant to the primary keyword that is mentioned. The crawlers use other terms and phrases on a page to get context and help them rank a page. Using long-tail variations of your keyword will also help search engines identify places in your content to answer questions, giving you the opportunity to have your content featured in Google’s "people also ask" section at the top or at the bottom.

4. Place keywords in the right page elements: It is very important to place the target term in the main body, but it is also very important to use the keyword in other elements on the other sections of the page. It should be used in other sections also, but the main thing is it shouldn’t be used forcefully and no stuffing of the keywords.

To fully optimize a page with the right placement of keywords, then place them in the following mentioned places.

  • Page title

  • Title tag

  • Meta description

  • One image alt tag

  • First paragraph

  • Conclusion of the post

All these will improve the SEO strategy of the business and will give better results without much of a delay.

About the Author

I am an SEO Analyst working in a leading digital marketing agency.

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Author: Monica Geller

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