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Repair Iphone 7: How To Solve Audio Problems

Author: Ummed Khan
by Ummed Khan
Posted: Nov 08, 2019

The most frequent iPhone 7 issues and how to intervene

In this article we want to continue on the topic Apple disease, delving into another manufacturing defect.

Dubai UAE defect that affects iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, prompting several customers to request an iPhone 7 repair in Dubai UAE.

The problem in question was called "loop disease" and concerns a malfunction of the audio components of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which prevents making or receiving phone calls and using some speaker features. A real nightmare, in short, from which, however, we are able to save you.

In the next few paragraphs, we will examine in detail what these problems are and how they can be solved. Read on if you want to save yourself from loop disease!

Dubai iPhone repair: iPhone 7 problems

As had happened to the iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models have what we could call a congenital defect that, in their case, prevents the correct use of the audio components of the smartphone. The most common symptoms that occur on devices are:

  • Hands-free and Facetime icons that appear gray and unusable
  • Lack of audio during phone calls
  • Siri does not hear the interlocutor and vice versa
  • Calls cannot be made directly from the phone, headphones or connection to bluetooth devices are required
  • Intermittent phone blocks occur
  • The iPhone turns on more and more slowly, until the device stops completely.

Let's find out the causes of these malfunctions and what to do for an effective iPhone 7 repair.

IPhone 7 repair: causes and solutions to malfunctions

If coexistence with your iPhone 7 becomes more and more complicated, because you can no longer make calls or / and the phone often freezes, you have to take it to a service center and repair it as soon as possible, preventing it from deteriorating again more.

The reasons why iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus fail in the ways we have described to you are essentially three:

  1. The bumps or / and drops that the device has suffered - these iPhone models have rather fragile internal welds and accidental drops contribute to their deterioration. Furthermore, the Audio IC is located in an exposed position on the device that makes this component extremely vulnerable in the event of a fall.
  2. Device wear - caused by debris entering the microphones and speakers.
  3. The update of the new version of iOS - we have noticed that several users have started to notice the malfunctions to microphones and loudspeakers of which we have spoken to you in the previous paragraph after making an update.

Given the high percentage of people who have had to request an iPhone 7 repair for having encountered similar problems, all attributable to the same causes, defects in the design and construction of these iPhone models cannot be excluded.

These types of malfunctions require complex welding and a specific repair procedure, which not all repairers can perform. Would you like to learn more?

IPhone 7 repair: UAE Technician is always by your side

The problems you find in your iPhone 7 must be solved effectively and quickly. To restore the functions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, a re-ringing of the IC Audio is required, which is a more effective and more thorough repair than those that are usually practiced which, if not performed correctly, causes irreparable damage to the device.

We are specialized in complex repairs and we have a consolidated method that allows us to repair devices effectively. In particular we carry out.

  • Specific tests that allow to identify exactly the problem of the device and the procedure for intervention;
  • Recovery of data and photos on the phone during the repair phase;
  • Lifetime warranty on
iPhone repair in Dubai UAE. We are at your disposal for iPhone 7 repair and to solve your problems definitively. Contact us and tell us what's wrong with your iPhone, we can find the solution to your problems and return your phone to you in just a few hours!

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