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Placement of septic tanks in a feng shui pipe house

Author: Thông Tắc Cống Giá Rẻ
by Thông Tắc Cống Giá Rẻ
Posted: Nov 09, 2019
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Although called ancillary works. But for every tube house built, it is important to calculate the construction of toilets on the top. This shows the importance of this indispensable work. Not simply a construction. Calculating the location of the septic tank in a pipe house so that feng shui is suitable for users is not easy. Following the rule of cheap drain will help customers find a reasonable answer through the article: Placement of septic tanks in a pipe house in the most reasonable way.

Placement of septic tanks in pipe houses and feng shui?

Where to place septic tanks in the home is always important. Not only will the septic tank affect the overall design of the home. But with that, the issues related to feng shui are also extremely important.

For a long time, our fathers had the idea that feng shui is always associated with construction. The start of construction of any works should be consulted through feng shui. However, many people still misunderstand that feng shui simply depends on the direction of the house, the color, the house. But in fact feng shui is also related to soil and rocks.

In feng shui septic tank is the water reservoir so nature is water. Just like a pond. Septic should always be full but not stagnant. I have to get in and out but I have to get in and out more to create the flow. However, too fast flows will not benefit homeowners. What we need is a harmonious, peaceful flow to create wealth and health for the family.

In fact, for any building system. People often use the foundation to build a septic tank to save the maximum area for the house. However this is really not good. In the long run will adversely affect homeowners.

Taboos in the septic tank location

Do not place the septic tank in the direction of master paint (the back part of the house)

For example, if the owner is located in the North and South, the back of the house will be in the South and the convenient side will be in the North. So we absolutely must not put septic tanks in the south.

Depending on the root and bow of each person. However, the following 3 signs we need to pay attention if we do not want homeowners to have bad luck due to feng shui of the house:

Cung Cung: If you put a septic tank in this direction, it will create a situation of alcoholism and addiction for the owner.

Cung Ngo: We also should not put septic tanks in this direction will make homeowners susceptible to diseases in terms, vestibular.

Wise wisdom: Putting the septic tank in this direction will make it a "rough water". The consequences will make homeowners susceptible to kidney and gastrointestinal diseases. Even relatives have to suffer no less.

Also: Do not put septic tanks in the peach blossom palace. This bow for each person will be different. However, if you do not pay attention, it will be easy to violate the position of "Dao Hoa Phi Thuy". If a husband and wife conflict with each other, it is easy to break up and divorce...

Put septic tanks so that feng shui

The best place to place our septic tanks is based on the following celestial bodies: Giap, An, Binh, Canh, Quy and Nham. Because according to feng shui will create the "Van Thuy tails to the past" means every water flow follows the celestial body.

We can divide the length of the house into 3 parts. If the living room of the house is located at the beginning or the end of the house. We can completely put septic tanks below, which is very good for homeowners. However, if the living room is located in the middle of the house, we should not place. Will adversely affect the health of homeowners.

Note: if the landlord intends to build a septic tank, covering the entire house, this is absolutely not recommended.

How to put the septic tank in the pipe house

placement of septic tanks in pipe houses

Placement of septic tanks is reasonable

It is best to place the septic tank outside the house area. Please choose an open position, discreet. Fit feng shui to ensure sanitation in your area. However, it should be noted that if the septic tank is placed in the yard and garden, the way out from the toilet will be long, easily leading to septic tank obstruction. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the appropriate slope and pipe size to avoid the above phenomenon.

Should put septic tanks under the stairs?

Put the septic tank under the stairs

Should put septic tanks under the stairs?

For houses with small area, there will be no garden. And the living room is not at the top or the bottom of the house. I will put the septic tank at the bottom of the stairs. Due to the setting here will not affect the overall feng shui of the house. As well as reducing piping costs, minimize the risk of clogging.


Above is the article on the position of the septic tank in the house so that feng shui. Will help you somewhat better understand about feng shui issues in construction. For more information:

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