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How To Get Toned Body Through Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Author: Indusmed Tourism
by Indusmed Tourism
Posted: Nov 09, 2019
gastric sleeve

In the world now, a number of non-surgical methods to curb bodyweight are available in the market like controlled, low-calorie diet, frequent fat burning workouts, weight loss pills etc. But there are some people who are unable to shed their flabby such methods and more advanced methods like Gastric Sleeve Surgery India. This surgical procedure is performed on people with BMI (body mass index) of 30 or more. The complete process is very effective in curbing the amount of food intake and thus, helps to shed pounds of weight and getting a toned body.

Surgical Overview of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are a number of surgeries performed under the group of Bariatric surgeries, however, Gastric Sleeve is the latest one. This surgery is also known by several alternative names including vertical sleeve gastrectomy, parietal gastrectomy and vertical gastroplasty.

The whole process is performed laparoscopically and thus minimizes the chances of complications. This surgery involves the removal of almost 70-80% of the stomach, thus leaving a banana-shaped "sleeve" or "tube". Post-surgery, this is the only portion that holds the food and thus leads to a reduction in food intake.

Advantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

As the gastric sleeve surgery is performed laparoscopically, there is less time spent in the hospital. In most cases, the hospital stay is estimated to be around only one or two days. The time of recovery for this procedure is also shorter as compared to the surgeries performed with a large incision. It is because of this that many surgeons and patients prefer laparoscopic surgery. After surgery the patient will likely experience a swollen and tender abdomen for several days; many surgeons will prescribe medication to aid in the discomfort. The typical diet for a patient undergone this surgery includes a liquid-only diet for two weeks after surgery. Post that period, the patient will be allowed to eat pureed foods for the next two weeks. Post that, the final step would be eating solid food after the two weeks has passed.

Many patients who have undergone this surgery claim that they lost approximately 50 - 80 per cent of their excess body weight during the first six months after surgery. The procedure has also resulted in the improvement of many over weight-associated diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sleep apnea within the first two years following the surgery.


Gastric Sleeve surgery is highly favourable for achieving fast weight reduction. It is a low-cost weight loss surgery that can bring back your self-esteem by bringing a toned you. If you feel that this procedure is worth undergoing, then consult with your doctor and discuss whether or not you are a candidate for Gastric Sleeve surgery. The cost of having this type of surgery performed in India is quite affordable. The quality of care that you will receive in India is equal to or surpasses the quality of care in the United States. The growth of medical tourism in India is attributed to these factors. There are a number of medical tourism companies that can provide several packages to arrange a medical trip to India to undergo gastric sleeve surgery at affordable prices.

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