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The Liberalism Life

Author: Vivian Roberts
by Vivian Roberts
Posted: Nov 09, 2019
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Over more than two centuries, liberalism has played an important role in a system of different political ideologies, which one by one established and developed certain attitudes towards relationships between government institutions and society. Primarily, a concept of a political ideology formed because of a strong necessity to define and state a particular framework for cooperation between government and society that is often mentioned in various essays Every type of order or certainty always creates a positive atmosphere in a country. However, not every collection of ideas presented by some political ideology is amenable to everybody.

The majority of political ideologies such as nationalism, feminism, anarchism, communism, conservatism and many others have faced severe criticism and dissatisfaction from nations all over the world. People always refuse to accept and follow the ideas that are far away from their own. It mostly happens because of their misunderstanding of the core elements a given ideology includes and presents. Liberalism is considered to be one of such political ideologies. It does not have a great number of followers, but at least it does not face such loud indignation and rejection as all others do.

Therefore, liberalism is a specific collection of ideas, views, and concepts designed to satisfy interests of individuals in the society and limit the power of government in order to protect private rights and freedoms. Liberalism upholds several major core values. These include justice, freedom, individualism, toleration, and rationalism. According to liberal beliefs, every single human being is, first of all, an individual who is endowed with reason. At this point, an individual should have the maximum possible freedom, which means the freedom for all.

Liberals are sure that all individuals without any exceptions are born equal. They have equal physical and moral rights and freedoms that automatically grant them equal opportunities. However, here goes a contradiction. In spite of equality of individuals in all, liberals place a strong emphasis on the following: being equal by nature, all individuals should be rewarded in accordance with their levels of willingness to work and talent features. This is an element of meritocracy, which cannot be applied to a liberal society. Generally, society with liberal ideas is characterized by pluralism and diversity. Its political organization is managed by two key values, which are constitutionalism and consent.

There are two types of liberalism both of which are presented nowadays. There is classical and modern liberalism. What is interesting about classical concept of liberalism is its major belief in limited functions of government, so individuals should be responsible for their lives and circumstances by themselves. The entire idea is based upon self-interest and self-sufficiency of human beings. Classical liberals are sure that government is meant to rule over the country solving serious issues of national importance and not to be an institution that should control and limit activities of the society. Such position is built upon certain theories which support natural rights,and are obviously damaging.

Modern liberalism gives a quite different attitude towards functions of government and its influence on the society. An absolute freedom promoted by classical liberalism produces new forms of injustice. This is why government should safeguard individuals from the social evils still not taking away their rights and freedoms. This is a very delicate approach as an idea of freedom is usually interpreted in a different way. Classical liberals believe that freedom is negative, because there are no limits that could be put before individuals. Modern liberals disagree with the given attitude and present their own, which associates freedom with personal development and self-expression.

Liberalism attracts many people because of its pure commitment to individual freedom. It has become more than just a political ideology but a set of specific rules, which defines the basis upon which political and ideological debates can start. This is a reflection of "the right over the good". Stated differently, liberalism allows people to pursue the good life as they determine it, but it does not make them follow any particular notion of the good.

Some basic principles of liberalism cause disapproval by people, who believe that a country should refuse such political ideology because of its inefficiency and ability to worsen political attitudes. However, modern variations of fundamentals of liberalism such as natural rights belonging to all people, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press and media, support of human rational potential, limited functions of government, support of change are mostly taken well.

Having certain vision of liberal ideas mentioned above, I would like to state that in general, I agree with the given political ideology. However, it has some basic principles I cannot accept. For example, the question regarding equality of people according to the liberal belief of freedom causes contradictions that have been discussed by various political experts but left without even a single hint at clearness.

We are all born equal. Considering liberalism, we all possess the same rights and freedoms. This is what has been granted us by nature. However, at the same time, somehow we have different talents, different visions, points of view, beliefs, abilities, etc. This list creates a kind of a phantom condition that entirely destroys a concept of individual equality. At this point, there goes a question like "Are we equal or not?". Perhaps, such unclearness lies in misunderstanding of the meaning of equality. There may be also used a wrong definition of freedom that is put into the ideology discussed. Either way, if we are considered to be equal; we should be given and granted all the rights, freedoms, and possibilities. There should be no exceptions, special conditions or any framework, within which we are equal or not. I believe in equality of every single individual in the society regardless of his or her talents, points of view, beliefs, abilities, etc.

Another basic principle of liberalism is limited powers of government. I would not say that this is a right point of view as liberals limit functions of government to such an extent that individuals in the society receive almost unlimited opportunities to do whatever they want. It leads to the social evils and make people more selfish, greedy, and somewhat uncontrolled. I am sure that the government should take measures that would establish the balance between an absolute individual freedom and its adequate limitations for the purposes of maintaining a social order.

My beliefs are very close to the beliefs of liberalism. This is one of those political ideologies, which cares more about people in the society than the government and its policies. Many times when I hear politicians’ speeches, I realize that most of what they have to say has been written earlier in order to achieve certain political goals such as changing of moods in the society or assuring that this healthcare program is more effective than another one, etc. However, liberalism has common goals with the society. This is why there is no need to guess if the said by a politician is for the good of the society or not as what is good for government is good for the society.

I think my attitudes towards liberalism have been mostly influenced by my core values. I am a kind of a person who cares about people and, perhaps, this is the very reason why I support liberal ideas designed for the good of every individual living in the country. It is quite difficult to look at some people who try to do their best and still cannot achieve any positive results. They meet forced obstacles on their way that do not let them, for example, to get promotion in the company they work for because of low level of their education even in case they have perfect skills and knowledge. Then, other people who hold diplomas and certificates of well-known educational establishments receive these promotions. One of my friends has experienced the described situation.

As it can be seen, people who are limited in their persuasions for the good life are limited in their rights and freedoms. Liberalism does not allow it as it stands for equality of each individual in the society. My parents hold the same views regarding political ideologies. They use their rights and freedoms for the better change to come. One of the rights both my parents and I use is the right to vote. We believe that it is of high importance to take part in a political life of the country as it directly connects to the life of the society.

First and foremost, a country is its people. If people suffer, then a country does not prosper. Government that cares about its country should care about the well-being of the people, who live there. I believe that this is right and logical. Some of my friends and co-workers do not support the idea as one vote cannot change the whole thing. However, according to liberalism, government has limited functions compared to the people in the society. If the right to choose one option among a variety of others is given to us, we do not have to reject it but use for the good.

Nowadays, the United States of America has many issues that should be solved within the shortest time possible. Some of them include job cuts, access to healthcare, food and shelter for the homeless, equal education opportunities, etc. The basic ideas of modern liberalism consider the issues listed above to be solved in all the best ways as they grant equality and freedoms for every single individual. However, if to start analyzing such issue as education opportunities, it does not seem possible to make it happen. In order to choose an educational institution you would like to study in, you have to consider your financial situation and your grades. In case you cannot provide a chosen college or university high grades from a previous educational institution or you do not have enough finances, you should forget about applying. It does not sound like equality of every individual in the society. More and more young people face these obstacles and then give up their hopes and dreams. In this case, the right to choose and be equal to other individuals in the society fades. I support the idea of equality but, in fact, it does not correspond to the real lives of Americans yet.

Another important issue is job cuts. When economy of the country is unstable, owners of various enterprises are made to take severe measures in order to save their businesses. The amount of jobs is cut in this way. 2 to 10 per cent of working staff are fired. I realize that equality of every individual and his or her freedoms does not work properly according to the liberal principles. However, it does not mean that liberalism presents wrong or illogical concepts. Perhaps, for now, it is just too idealistic as each liberal idea cannot be applied at all economic, political, and social levels.

Liberalism is also reflected in policies of one of the two major political parties in the United States which is the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party favors some of the basic principles of liberalism. For example, it supports diplomacy, universal healthcare, cultural pluralism, stricter gun control, the legalization of same-sex marriage, the preservation of abortion rights, etc. The majority of liberals in the Democratic Party favor secular government and environment protection. As it can be seen, liberal points of view are presented in the Party that gives hope in possible positive changes within political and social systems. The Republican Party also supported the fundamentals of liberalism before the time when the conservative coalition was formed. Today, the Party does not advocate liberal ideas.

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Author: Vivian Roberts

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