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What is Alkaline Hydrolysis?

Author: Arun Sharma
by Arun Sharma
Posted: Nov 27, 2019
alkaline hydrolysis

The article focuses on how the cremation process is changing due to on going environmental concerns or you can say global warming.

What is Alkaline Hydrolysis?

Alkaline Hydrolysis is also known as water cremation, flames less cremation or bio cremation. This new system is being marketed in US, and its an alternative of traditional burials and cremation process.

Alkaline Hydrolysis is a process where the human's and pet's remains are disposed with the help of lye and heat or in other words, it converts the body's tissues and cell into a watery solution of molecules.

How Much Does The Machine Costs?

The Alkaline Hydrolysis chambers is very expensive and one needs to spend USD $ 90,000 - $450,000. These machines are sold in various specification and technical requirements.

Currently very few states in US such as Texas and California are seeing people opting for such water cremations. As per the life science website, the Governor of California signed a bill on October 15 2019 stating that now the people of California can opt for this new water cremation process and as per New York times 14 more states in USA are in the line of adapting this process by 2020.

As per the Mayo Clinic no toxic gases or pollutants are produced with this new form of cremation.

How does the Alkaline Hydrolysis works?

The process goes like this, first the human or pet body is placed inside the large pressure steel container and then filled with mixture of both potassium hydroxide and water and then the vessel temperature is set at 160 C OR 320 Fat an elevated pressure so that it prevents boiling.

It takes about 4 to 6 hrs for the body to get completely broken into chemical components. Finally the end result is green brown liquid substance that comes out of the process, only the white bone remains which can be easily crushed with your hands which forms a powder and that powder is the ash or remains of your loved ones which can be transferred to cremation urns or jars.

Please refer following Urns link here :-

Many ecological groups are supporting this process of cremation, because the amount of carbon Dioxide and pollutants emitted is very very less when compare to current cremation process which is totally unsafe for environment.

As per researchers report, in the year 2008 more than 2000 people have opted for Alkaline hydrolysis method and its also becoming the talk of the town among the British Cremation Association. Even north american countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia are slowly adapting to this new cremation method.

Canada is the only country which has highest amount of cremation done. In the last 5 years of report, there has been an increase of more than 75% in cremation process. But Canada is yet to adapt the new form of water cremation.

I would request every one to please support things which are eco friendly as we are the one who can make and break the mother earth.

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Arun is a prolific writer in the field of spirituality and has more than 13 years of experience in blogging about life after death, Urns and Other Forms of Cremations.

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