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Node.js Basics

Author: Rajesh Nada
by Rajesh Nada
Posted: Nov 10, 2019
global scope

Node.js is supporting JavaScript. Thus, JavaScript Syntax structure on Node.js is like the Browser’s JavaScript syntax structure.

Primitive Types of Node JS

Node.js incorporates following primitive types:







Everything else is an item in Node.js.


Functions are top of the line residents in Node's JavaScript, like the browser’s JavaScript. A function may have attributes and properties. It very well may be dealt with like a class in JavaScript.


Node.js incorporates an extra information type called Buffer (not accessible in browser’s JavaScript). Support is for the most part used to store parallel information, while perusing from a document or accepting packets over the system.

Process object

Each Node.js content syntax script runs in a process. It incorporates process object to get all the data about the present process of Node.js application.

Defaults to local

Node JS is not the same as browser’s JavaScript with regards to worldwide scope. In the program's JavaScript, variables declared without var keyword may become global. In Node.js, everything becomes local by default.

Access Global Scope

In a browser, global scope may be like the window object. In Node.js, global object represents the global scope.

To include something in global scope, you have to send it utilizing export or module.export. A similar way, import modules/object utilizing require() function to access it from the global scope.

Node.js Module

Module in Node.js is a straightforward or complex usefulness composed in single or numerous JavaScript records which can be reused all through the Node.js application.

Every module in Node.js has its own specific circumstance, so it can't meddle with different modules or dirty worldwide scope. Additionally, every module can be set in a different.js document under a different organizer.

Node.js actualizes CommonJS modules standard. CommonJS is a gathering of volunteers who characterize JavaScript principles for web server, work area, and comfort application.

Node.js Module Types

Node.js incorporates three sorts of modules:

Core Modules

Local Modules

Third Party Modules

Node.js Core Modules

Node.js is a light weight structure. The center modules incorporate absolute minimum functionalities of Node.js. These center modules are incorporated into its parallel dispersion and burden naturally when Node.js process begins. In any case, we have to import the center module first so as to utilize it in our application.

The accompanying table records a portion of the significant center modules in Node.js.

Local Modules Description

Http http module incorporates classes, strategies and occasions to make Node.js http server.

url url module incorporates strategies for URL goals and parsing.

querystring querystring module incorporates strategies to manage question string.

path path module incorporates strategies to manage document ways.

fs fs module incorporates classes, techniques, and occasions to work with document I/O.

util util module incorporates utility capacities helpful for software engineers.

Node.js Local Module

Local modules will be modules made locally in our Node.js application. These modules incorporate various functionalities of our application in isolated records and envelopes. We can likewise bundle it and disseminate it by means of NPM, so that Node.js people group can utilize it. For instance, on the off chance that you have to associate with MongoDB and get information, at that point we can make a module for it, which can be reused in our application.

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