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Tips for painting the walls of your bedrrom

Author: Franky Boy
by Franky Boy
Posted: Dec 20, 2019
between coats

Painting a bedroom might seem like an easy task. Actually house painting is one of the most underrated jobs there is. Everyone thinks they can just grab a can of paint and a brush and done! Well the truth is that painting is actually very difficult if you don't have the skills. But don't worry, here I am going to share with you a list somehow like a set of procedures. I hope it is helpful if you are thinking of applying a fresh coat of paint on your walls.

  1. Remove the face-plates or electric covers from the walls. Then tape around with 1.5 inch tape,the tape you should use here is one that is not too strong, ask your vendor on the paint store for details on what tape would be the best to use in this situation as the one that I recommend might not be available everywhere, this way you don't need to cut around with the brush.

  2. Place your furniture to the center of the room and cover it with plastic. Ideally plastic should be long enough so that it touches the floor and can be overlapped with drop sheets. So the drop sheet will prevent the plastic to move around, your furniture will be totally sealed along with your floors.

  3. Tape your baseboards, and you trim too if you painted them, this way you achieve a perfect line.

  4. Patch holes and dents on the walls. It is always a good idea to go over your patches and patch a second time. Why? Because drywall mud shrinks a little bit and thus for dents and holes that are a bit too big it will definitely show, it will show like the hole still needs some more filler. If you do it before you roll your walls you will be saving some precious time when doing your second coat of paint on the walls. This step is actually a very important one because if you leave some patching for in between coats, what might happen especially if you are using deep bases, or dark colors, is that your walls might flash. So the idea is that if you patch in between coats you have to hit that patch with paint before doing your final rolling, and if you put too little paint then when you do you final rolling that patch might still show and if would look like a weird spot like something is wrong. In that case you should put more paint on the patch prior to final rolling. so it is always best to patch twice before first coat sand the patch roll and then you should do not patching in between coats. This will totally solve the problem.

  5. Next, start cutting ( cutting is when you paint with the brush on all the edges of the room )

  6. Next sand patches and remove the dust from the baseboards.

  7. And finally start rolling!

  8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 and your done!

Well that's it for today, I hope you guys can use this information. Feel free to visit our site and check our blogs for more ideas on interior painting.

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By Franky Boy, interior painting specialist from Alberta Colour Painting.

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Author: Franky Boy

Franky Boy


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