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Factors That Affect the Cost of Dental Implants

Author: Paulo Pinho
by Paulo Pinho
Posted: Nov 17, 2019

Missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic problem, as gaps in your smile can lead to crooked or shifting teeth, bone loss, and decreased self-confidence. Many adults lose one or several of their permanent teeth at some point during their lifetime. Dental implants are a great option in many cases and can last a lifetime if well cared for. When it comes to dental implants cost in Melbourne is vary based on some factors. This is what we are going to see here.

Factors that Affect the Dental Implants Cost

1. Bone Grafts

A bone graft requires an additional surgery during which donor bone is applied to an existing bone to fuse and grow to it. If your jawbone is too weak or insufficient to support a dental implant, before your implant procedure, your dentist will consider bone graft.

1. Placement Procedures

Dynamic placement uses computer monitors and software to guide the surgeon’s hand throughout the placement procedure.

Static placement requires that scans be taken of your mouth so that guides can be created for surgical placement.

Accurate implant placement procedures use state-of-the-art computer technology.

Based on the placement, you will be charged.

3. Scans

Before placing your implants, your dentist will take x-rays and special scans of your mouth to see if you have enough jawbone for a successful implant. It also helps the dentist and avoids any complications.

4. Materials

The best material for dental implants in Melbourne is titanium or titanium alloy. Some dentist has started using zirconium as an alternative because its whiteness allows it to blend with natural teeth. The bio-compatible materials use to make dental implants integrate with the jawbone without creating an allergic reaction or being rejected by the body. So based on the material you choose, the cost gets vary.

5. Number of Implants

Some patients may only need to replace one tooth, while others may need to replace a whole arch. Based on the need, the cost varies, and the more your procedure will cost, the more implants you need.

6. Type of Implant

At first, the dentist will best determine which dental implant option you are a candidate for. Based on that, your dentist will start the procedure, and that cost will get vary based on it. Stage 2 dental implant requires two surgery, including bone grafting, but the single-stage doesn’t require. The single-stage process eliminates the need for a second surgery, and so you will have cheap dental implants in Melbourne with this.

Are you looking to have dental implants at a low price? Know the dental implants cost in Melbourne and choose the dentist who offers cheap dental implants with our compromising its quality.

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