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Qualities Essential for an Effective Project Manager

Author: Richard Kick
by Richard Kick
Posted: Nov 17, 2019

A project manager undertakes one or more than one project at a time. Every project is an investment of people, time, resources, and money. There should be a proper plan, and every element has to be organized right from the planning stage until the closure of the project. A project manager has a huge responsibility for managing and driving his team towards the project's goal. The success of a project and the project team depends on project managers' abilities and attributes he/she possesses. Hence, there are a few qualities every project manager must have to be effective.

Let’s find out what are the qualities that are essential to be an effective Project Manager:

Effective Communication

Communication is one of the most important qualities a project manager must possess. A project manager has to interact with clients, shareholders, third parties, employees, top management, and various other parties within and outside the organization. If she/he cannot communicate effectively, it can impact his/her overall functioning. A project manager has to lead the team and inform or direct right them from the planning stage. If a project manager is ineffective with his communication and cannot comprehend with the team members, it will impact the overall running of the project.

Leadership Skills

A project manager should have leadership skills. She/he has to motivate the team, keep the team together, and should be able to lead her/his team during smooth or rough times. A good leader will efficiently drive performance in the team and push their team to achieve their goals. He/she will have a vision for the team, and they will be able to share their vision with the team members. A leader with vision will adapt to any unexpected changes and also empower his/her people to achieve their goals.


A project manager should set the bar high for integrity. She/he should always follow good practices and never engage in any discussion that leads to unethical behavior. Integrity and ethics are qualities that they have to display through their behavior. A team looks up to their managers and leaders on how they behave and the decisions they take under any circumstances.


A project manager should be organized as they have quite a lot on their plate. It is easy to miss things if they are not organized. A project manager has to juggle quite a few things, including meetings, time, budget, and scope. Prioritizing things and setting the goal is crucial on a day to day basis.


Understanding someone else's perspective is not that easy. A project manager should be able to connect with their employees, clients, and top management. A good project manager will be able to gauge the emotions of his/her team members by just entering the meeting room or having a conversation with them. He/she must understand how they feel and be able to connect with them and make them feel comfortable and reliable.

Decision maker

A project manager has to make a lot of decisions during the phase of a project. A project manager should be prepared to make difficult decisions at any given time. At times, these decisions have to be quick and prompt.


A project team could be a group of strangers from various departments. It comes down to the project manager to bring them together and drive to achieve one common goal. In spite of the differences, a project manager should be able to bring them together as one team. He/she should be able to understand the dynamics of his/her team, understand each person’s challenges, and positive traits. He/she should delegate tasks according to their strengths and bring them together to work as a team.

Negotiation skills

A project manager should have the ability to negotiate. There can be conflicts in his team or differences of opinion; a project manager should be able to address and solve them amicably. Besides the team, a project manager may have to negotiate with clients and vendors at different stages of the project cycle. A project manager should comfortably be able to negotiate and come to a positive answer or settlement.

Problem Solving Skills

Problem-solving skill is a must-have for every project manager. There will be several problems or situations that may arise during a project’s life cycle or within the team. A project manager should have the ability to solve these problems without impacting the working of the project.


A project manager should have the competence to run a project and to work with the team. If a team feels that the manager is incompetent, it will affect the team's discipline and control as well as the success of the project. Competence doesn’t mean knowing the technicalities of the project, but the ability to run a project efficiently. A project manager should be able to inspire, challenge, and efficiently work through the different stages of the project's life cycle.

A project manager should have these qualities to manage the team and ensure the smooth running of the project. Having a thorough technical knowledge is not enough, but these attributes contribute to the success of a project manager in managing his/her project as well as the team.

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