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How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Author: Tanya Campbell
by Tanya Campbell
Posted: Nov 14, 2019
small kitchen

Did you know you could make your kitchen look much bigger by choosing the right tiles? Whether it’s walls, flooring or the backsplash, tiles play an important role in how big your kitchen will eventually look. Below are few tips that can help you to make the right decisions while choosing tiles for your kitchen.

Size Matters

Bigger tiles have bigger grout lines, which make for a clutter free, neat design. Using bigger wall and floor tiles can visually expand your tiny kitchen. If you fancy small mosaic tiles, use them on the backsplash to add a bit of texture, colour, and visual appeal to your kitchen.

You can also use smaller sized tiles for touching up any alcoves, recesses, nooks and corners.

Tile Tricks

Using lighter colours for smaller spaces can give a room a larger appearance. Shades like cream, pastel pink, lemon yellow, or a plain off-white will help reflect more light than darker shades.

Diagonally placed dark tiles on the kitchen floor add considerable depth and can make it seem longer and bigger than it seems.

Small dark floor tiles will give your kitchen a grid-style and can make one feel confined. A herringbone style of tile placement is popular for breaking the grid-effect, which lends a room a larger feel.

Gloss finish mirror effects, metallic tiles, or glass tiles are trending now and used by interior designers worldwide to make the most of a tiny kitchen space. These shiny glossy tiles have light bouncing off them, making a small kitchen look bigger.

A tip for new homeowners – When choosing tiles, first order a sample batch to see how it will look in the real space. To get a feel for the look, lay your choice of tiles on a sample board where you want to place them.

Aim for perfection

Work on a detailed plan for "how to tile your kitchen". Pick the areas you want to tile carefully. Remember, the idea is to make your kitchen seem bigger and more visually appealing. Odd or jarring tiling to cover up small gaps, or garish changes in tiling levels might lead to a break in the decorative flow. The best solution is to go for tiling the entire length of the kitchen instead of wall-to-wall or ceiling-to-ceiling cover.

If you are renovating an old kitchen, fix any uneven bumps with plastering before laying tiles down. Keep in mind that the plaster will need a four weeks to dry before you can work on it further.

Add Geometry

Geometric patterns on tablecloths, rugs and, tiles are ideal for a small kitchen. Don’t overdo it and you’ll create the illusion of space with geometric patterns and accents.

Transitional elements

Use smart transitional elements to create a striking impression. An unobstructed visual path adds volume to a small kitchen. Using glass cabinets and see through furniture or partition walls keeps lines of sight open and broadens up a space. Use open shelves instead of bulky cabinets to add an airy vibe to your kitchen.

Say Hello to minimalism

Introduce fuss-free décor to keep it simple. Unlike heavy and ornate detailing, minimalism makes for a roomier feel. Getting rid of clutter is a wise strategy. Your kitchen should look like it has more than enough space for all the kitchenware you use.

Give away items that are of no use to you. Get rid of all clutter and junk from the kitchen surfaces. Be ruthless when it comes to maintaining the minimalist look. A stark, clutter-free, minimalist kitchen will definitely look bigger than it actually is.

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    Hi! I totally agree with the idea of choosing the light colors for home space, especially for the small room. And I like the idea of the light tiles and I will add it to my recent project . Thanks a lot!

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