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An Overview of Common Types of Caravan Repairs

Author: Ryan Bulluss
by Ryan Bulluss
Posted: Nov 18, 2019

Just like your car, caravan needs regular service and maintenance to keep them in good shape. Over time, the caravan will require repairs due to age and wear and tear. Understanding the most common Mandurah Caravan repairs can help you get a general idea of what you will be expecting so that you can make an informed decision.

Here is a list of most common types of caravan repairs:-

Brakes and Bearings

The brake and wheel bearings are subjected to strenuous activity during the trip. If the wheels and brakes are not serviced regularly, it may cause friction due to heat and result in wheel assembly failure. When compare to other parts of your caravan, wheel bearings are susceptible to early wear. So, they need to be checked more frequently and fix the damages as soon as it is found.

Brakes should also be maintained and serviced regularly to ensure the brake linings do not have cracks, which are often caused by overheating. Brakes can typically last around 50,000km under normal conditions. But, still you have to get them checked periodically for safer side. Caravan manufacturers recommend servicing the brakes and wheel bearings annually or 10,000km. Get help from the professionals for handling the Caravan brake repairs and wheel bearings.

Axle repair

The Axle is one of the major components of a caravan or trailer. It is the axle that bears the entire weight of the caravan. So, no wonder it can wear out over time. The axel needs to be serviced and maintained periodically to ensure its longevity and keep them in good condition. It is recommended to service the axle every year to check for leaking seals, worn axle joints, and torn CV boots.

Chassis repair

While chassis is made of steel and can last for a long period, it can wear out over time. As it acts as the foundation of the entire caravan construction and supplies the tow hitch connection and suspension mounting points, it needs to be in good shape. In fact, you need to inspect it before the trip. Dents, chips, scratches, over use, cracks, and rust are the significant reasons for chassis failure.

Safety sway control system

Swaying rig is one of the most serious and dangerous problems you may encounter while travelling. It can cause major accidents if not addressed. In order to fix it, you must have a sway control system to enhance the safety of the rig.

Be it caravan awning repairs or brake repairs, it is essential to get help from the professional who is specialised in caravan repairs. Regular maintenance is the key to avoid expensive repairs and keep your caravan in good shape.

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