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Details about Encryption

Author: Nuvo Lee
by Nuvo Lee
Posted: Nov 19, 2019
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Encryption is a technique that converts information into unreadable code, which becomes difficult to access. To encrypt data or information, use a key that is secure with the sender and receiver. The data is encrypted by an algorithm called Cipher. This gives us encrypted information. Encrypt information is called Ciphertext. Once encrypted, your data becomes completely secure. Encrypted information can be re-readable, called decryption. This process also uses the same key from which the information or data was encrypted.Encryption is able to protect data privacy, but other technologies are required to protect the authenticity of a data; for example,

  1. Digital signature verification or
  2. Message Authentication Code (MAC)
  3. Standards and cryptography software and hardware for encryption.

It is used for networks such as the Internet, e-commerce), mobile phones, wireless microphones, wireless intercom systems, Bluetooth devices, and the bank's automated teller machine.

Types of encryption

There are two types of encryption:

  1. Symmetric encryptionSymmetric encryption requires that the same key used to lock the box is used to open the box that means Symmetric Encryption has the same key for encrypting data and decrypting data. In this process of encryption being a single key, the user who encrypts the data has to share the Encryption key with each user to whom they want to send this data. For this reason, this process of encryption is also called Shared Encryption.
  2. Asymmetric encryptionAsymmetric encryption means a key is used to lock the box, and the box A different key is used to unlock that means In the process of Asymmetric Encryption, there are two keys, one key encrypts the data and the other key decrypts the data. In such a situation, a user keeps key while encryption, while the decryption key is publicly shared with the people to whom he wants to send the data. This process of encryption is also called Public-key Encryption. The same Encryption key is also used in SSL (Secure socket layer) which converts Http to Https in the Url of the website.

There is much more to read about the types of encryption to read the full details you can visit my article on Jhakas.

Need for Encryption

Encryption is the most useful technique when it comes to securing information in any device. If encryption technology is used then your files and information are safe even in the event of your device being lost. Not only this, even in case of data transfer between two people, no third person steals the data from the middle, in this sense encryption technique is also used.If your device is accessed by many people, then you can encrypt any particular data or file to keep it confidential. By using this technique, you will not need to make the whole device public, while the privacy of your private files will also be maintained. The encryption process not only provides data security but also authenticates that the files sent by one user to another person are original and no changes have been made to them.

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