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Homeflow Sensors to Make Your Home Smarter

Author: Homeflow UK
by Homeflow UK
Posted: Nov 23, 2019
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From smart sensor camera to smart speakers, the world of smart home automation holds endless possibilities. However, these fantastic products won’t be of any use if they don’t have the unsung hero of intelligent home automation system- smart sensors.

Sensors are like eyes and ears of the home automation system. It plays a prominent role in deciding- why your smart device should act, how to act and when to act. Here, we have outlined six types of Homeflow sensors you will need to make your home smarter than before.

Let’s get started.

1. Motion Sensor:-

Whenever you hear ‘Smart Home Motion Sensors,’ it gives you an idea about its use in the smart home security system. However, motion sensor usage is just not limited to home security aspect; it comes with versatile function. For example- What if you can automate the bathroom lights at a predefined time of the day or the moment you step inside? What if you don’t have to take the pain to remember whether you turn off the room lights or not when you left your home for work? A motion sensor is an energy-efficient smart device which is a perfect union of comfort and efficiency without compromising on saving electricity. With Homeflow smart motion sensors, these functionalities are no more a dream; you can enjoy this every day at your own smart home.

2. Door/Window Sensor:-

Worried about the unwanted break-in when you are away from home or forgot to lock your door or window when you left home for work? No more worries, as Homeflow Door Sensor has got you covered. With wireless technology and magnetic door contacts, Homeflow smart door sensors send an instant alert to your smartphone if any door or window remains open. Smart Home Door sensors eliminate the possibility of any burglary or sudden intrusion with its real-time alert system.

3. Smoke Sensor:-

A traditional smoke sensor triggers the alarm if it detects any sign of smoke or fire at home. But what if there is no one at home? How will you prevent any fire hazard even in your absence? The smart smoke sensor by Homeflow is all you need. Apart from activating typical alarm triggers whenever the smoke sensor detects any unwanted smoke or burning, it also sends push notification to you and your family member so you can inform concerning authority to avert any adverse safety hazard.

4. Multi-Sensor:-

A winning combination of several sensors into one? Yes, it is possible with Homeflow Multi-Sensor. Powered with PIR motion sensing, the multi-sensor comes with the capability to detect light, motion, temperature, and humidity. This multi-functional and portable multi-sensor is ideal for those homeowners who want a comprehensive solution to transform their home into smart, comfortable and happy space. Smart Home Light Sensor

Smart Sensors is worth all the investment given the safety factors they offer. Without the data that the sensor provides, a smart home automation system won’t be so quick. Sensors make ‘sense’ for everything.

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