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Some Interesting Toys to Buy for Your Kids This Season

Author: Ubuy Malaysia
by Ubuy Malaysia
Posted: Nov 24, 2019
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Have you been searching for some unique toys? With this article, we are going to show you different varieties of toys that you can buy for your kids this festive season. Here are some toys which will help your kids to grow their mental capacity. So now you will know how a toy can play a significant role in the growth of your child.

The selection of your toy depends on how you want to raise your child. The purchasing of Kids toys online is a tricky thing that makes you confused about what toy to select for your kid. We are here with some of the best toys for kids that they will love to have.

If you want to do baby toys online shopping? then here are the toys which you should buy for the good physical and mental development of your child.

1. Xbox One X

Getting nervous about which gaming console to choose for an outstanding gaming experience? and don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on a useless product.

Then we have the best product for gaming that will change your thinking about gaming. It is the Xbox One X gaming console which is one of its kind in performance.

And with the technological upgrades, it can process 6 teraflops of graphical processing and with the innovative 4k experience that you get in your game which makes it more exciting to play. It is a great platform to have multiplayer gaming. You can have the best performance in your game by using the Xbox accessories that they provide.

2. Nerf N-Strike Elite Delta Trooper

We are providing you the ultimate toy gun of the century the NERF N-Strike Elite. If you want to have fun but not in the usual way that you always have with your friends. This is the product that you need.

The NERF N - Strike Elite Delta Trooper product is a good way of enjoying your get together with your friends and family.

The NERF N- Strike Gun is best in performance with excellent fast reloading capability and has an extremely dashing structure that looks cool to handle in the hand.

The dart that is used in the Gun is absolutely safe for the kids. It is a product that every kid wants nowadays.


  • It comes with 12 bullets
  • It weighs about 1.297kg
  • It is a semi-automatic gun
  • 3. Meccano Meccanoid G15 KS

    Meccano meccanoid G15KS is an innovative toy for your kid. It is a robot with so much unique function preloaded in it for providing you the enjoyment that you never had before.

    First of all, a very important thing to know before buying this product. That this product is not suitable for kids below 3 years.

    It contains so many moving parts which may cause a choking issue for the child below 3 years. It requires passion to connect all the pieces of this robot correctly. But once you did it you enjoy playing with it.

    It is loaded with an intelligent function that makes it learn your moves and action and even mimic you.


  • Weight of the product is about 4.41 pound
  • It required 3AA batteries to perform
  • 4. Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger RC Truck

    This is an extreme product with a great function that every kid and even adults would like to have in their possession.

    This product is for those who are big fans of monster trucks and want to have a big blast of enjoyment. This product is amazing with its size of 2 feet and makes every obstacle seems small in front of it.

    You can control this awesome product with the best in class 2.4 GHz joystick which makes it fun to play with this power-packed toy.

    Lets rock and roll with this awesome toy and destroy the obstacles that come in front of you.

    5. Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII 25-Key USB Keyboard & Pad Controller

    Here is the musical toy which will help your kids to learn and improve their knowledge about music.

    It will help your kids to learn while playing with this product. That can also increase the possibility for your child to be a musician.

    It is an innovative musical toy that you can use as a professional instrument and will not regret buying it.

    To give you an outstanding performance this product has a USB MIDI controller and comes with the 25 sensitive synth-action keys.

    With an excellent dedicated up and down button control for full melodic range. It has got all the innovative technology to create great music. For Ex: it comes with a built-in arpeggiator with an adjustable resolution and provides a range with different modes.

    It is a product that can be used anywhere you want it and it comes in an ultra-compact design.

    6. PlayStation VR

    If you feel incomplete with the gaming experience of your PlayStation and can’t enjoy it. It is mainly because you are bored with the ordinary display function after using it for a long time.

    We have brought you an excellent product that will definitely give you a great gaming experience with your PlayStation.

    The Playstation VR can be used with your PlayStation 4 to enjoy all the games that you play. But with this VR your experience will get a lot different than usual.

    This product comes with an advanced VR Display that you do not find anywhere else.

    You can feel connected to the game with the 5.7 OLED 1080p display which is running up to 120 frames per second.

    If you are thinking about the audio output. Then we are very happy to state, with the innovative technology of SONY here you get 3D Audio technology which magnifies your gaming experience. You can listen to 3D sound effects from the surrounding.

    7. Funko Pop Figures

    Does your kid love superheroes and cartoon characters? You can get a great Toy for your kid if he is a superhero fan on our site, it would be a perfect Toy for your kid which will definitely surprise him.

    The Funko pop figures that come in the form of every popular superhero and other popular characters.

    You can get all funky cute little vinyl products of some of the popular cartoons, heroes, movie characters here, like Deadpool, Spiderman, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and so many, etc.

    You can select all your favorite vinyl characters from the Funko pop which is the 2017 toy of the year and people's choice award winner. And these are some of the best baby toys and gamesthat you can provide to your kid.

    So whatever you choose, It will provide loads of fun and entertainment.

    8. LEGO Coast Guard Helicopter

    Do you want to give your kids mental capabilities and some exercise with some fun? You have got yourself a good deal in a great toy, the LEGO Coast Guard Helicopter is an excellent toy to give for your kid’s brain development and an excellent mental exercise for grooming. It also promotes a better hand and eye coordination.

    It is an outstanding toy with a simple procedure to play with but quite interesting things to do. It comes with a great white shark, 4 Minifigures, pilot, diver, rescuer, and the sailor, Lego coast guard helicopter is an interesting toy for kids.

    It includes some interesting features like

  • Working winch
  • Wheels and spinning rotors
  • Catamaran sailboat with a falling sail function.
  • You can rescue the sailor from drowning by lowering the winch and also spin the helicopter’s rotors to have some exciting fun.

    9. Pugg Pop-Up Soccer Goals

    Are your kids are a huge fan of soccer? but you don’t know-how encourage them more towards this game. Then we have an excellent idea for you and it is a product called pugg pop-up soccer goals, which you can arrange anywhere you want to play soccer.

    It is easy to set up and gives an outstanding soccer experience.

    In this, you get 2 goals, pegs and carrying a bag with a strap, it is absolutely comfortable to carry around with you because of its excellent portability.

    You can set it up anywhere whether turf, grass surface or sand. Just take it there and enjoy your game.

    10. Barbie Doll With Fashion Accessories

    If you have a daughter at your home and don’t have anything interesting for her to play.

    You can get her a little Barbie princess which is an all-time favorite toy. Here you can get all the Barbie dolls with all their accessories that make them look beautiful, with accessories like their clothing, funhouse, and etc.

    11. Battat – Farmers Market Basket

    This is an exciting toy for your kid. This product is a plastic imitation of veggies and fruits and a plastic knife to cut them up for their imaginary food feast. They can pretend to be little chefs and cook food.

    This product is too good for your kids for their grooming process. They are built in this way so that when kids try to slice them up they will split up easily. This product can help your kids to learn about colors, shapes, vegetable and fruits names and also improve the hand and eye coordination.

    12. Lego Juniors Fire Suitcase

    If you are a fan of lego toys then here this suitcase is full of surprises for you. This is a great toy for kids above the age of four years. It is easy to build by every kid and enjoyed by them while playing with it. You will get instructions for the little builder who is trying to build something new every day.

    It comes with a fire truck, trailer, house, and a motorcycle. With the awesome case provided with this toy, it becomes easy for everyone to carry around everywhere they go. And it will keep your child entertained and occupied for a long time since it is an awesome educational toys for kids.

    13. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

    If you are looking for an innovative toy that can be used by both adults and kids then the Infinity cube Fidget toy is a great choice. This is a very useful toy for relaxing from the stress you face during your day and this toy also helps the kids to develop their brain functions. The safety of this product is not compromised you can feel free to use this toy by kids. It is an addictive toy for both the adults and the kids without any question.

    Once they play with this toy they will play with it again and again. In this toy, there are 8 cubes made of ABS plastic which are attached to each other with stainless steel rivets which makes it durable. It is one of the best relaxing toy for adults and a great educational toy for kids.

    The above-mentioned toys are quite unique and different in many ways. Some of the toys mentioned here can help in the overall development of the children and keep them actively engaged. When you choose to buy toddler toys online for your kid you need to ensure the quality and age suitability.

    Ubuy provides an excellent collection of toys for fulfilling all your baby’s toys needs with one of the best baby toys shop to find all the toys that your kid wished for. Here you can get different varieties of entertainment items for your kids. If you are looking for games for your babies then this is the right place to find a suitable and perfect one for your kid. So it's time to select your favorite toys and enjoy your life with your kids and make them happy and thrilled.

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