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How to Become A Fashion Designer?

Author: Tayeeb Khan
by Tayeeb Khan
Posted: Nov 25, 2019

Becoming A Fashion Designer is not as tough as you think neither it is as easy. Even though the process of becoming a Fashion Designer on paper is simple. Every profession demands certain Discipline and skill set for you to succeed in that profession. Especially when that profession is built on Artistic aspects.

Hence, in this post we will be looking at the skills you need to possess to become a fashion designer, the course you can pursue and what the future looks like once you become a Fashion designer.

Fashion Designer does not necessarily mean that you will be designing clothes all your life. Fashion Designing has a lot more to it than just designing clothes. The field has various specialties for you to specialize in like Apparel Design, Fashion Marketing, Jewelry Design, Store Management etc.

So, without further ado, lets jump in and see How to Become a Fashion designer; Shall We?

Skills You Should Master to Become A Fashion Designer:

Keep in mind that most or all of these skills can be developed over time. There has been loads of Psychological studies done to prove that skills can be developed. If you have all these skills as talent; You are lucky. If you don’t, Work on them and develop them. So here comes the list of skills you would require to succeed as a Fashion Designer.

Creativity: It’s a known fact Fashion is a field of Art; Which means every Fashion Designer is an artist in one or the other way. To put it in perspective, A Fashion Designer is a creator and what good a creator is without creativity, Right? Creative thinking is crucial and the Fashion field demands it more than anything else. So, start developing a creative thinking process.

Ability To Draw:

As a Fashion designer, Drawing is must have skill of your job description. You need a medium to express all the designs and creatives you think of and Drawing is one of those mediums. CAD will help you in some cases with respect to this but nothing can beat a drawing on a piece of paper. Being able draw will help you put your imagination in perspective and help communicate your though process. It can also help you as hobby.

Eye For Detail:

This one is actually pretty self-explanatory. Being a Fashion Designer, you would be dealing with a lot of intricate work specially if you are in apparel or jewelry department. You need to have great eye for details to make those designs unique and lovable.

Strong Imagination & Visualization:

This skill kind of falls in line with Creativity and Artistic Abilities. Along with having a good creative thought process, you also need to possess a strong imagination to visualize how your design would look like before you actually put it on paper.

Business Sense:

This one is for people who wants to start their own boutiques or labels. Having a keen business sense would help you in developing and taking your business to the next level.


Cliché Alert – I have saved the best & important for the last. Though this might not count exactly as a skill, there is no better place to put this other than here. Whatever skills you possess, how much ever hard working you might be; If you don’t love what you do and if you are not passionate enough about it; That will reflect in your work. Always choose a career field which excites you and about which you are really passionate.

Now that the skills are out of the way, lets see the process of becoming of becoming a Fashion Designer:

Fashion Designing Courses:

Once you know that you are passionate about Fashion Designing and want to pursue a career in Fashion Designing; Getting into a course is relatively easier. Though I can’t promise whether the syllabus and test would be easier or not.

Fashion Designing courses ranges from mere certification to Masters degree courses. So you have to decide which one is the right course for you. Whether you want to pursue a certification course which would cost you around just 6 months of your time or Diploma or any other degree which would cost you more time. Whatever may be the case, I’ll mention all the courses & their eligibilities I know of here.

Diploma in Fashion Design & Boutique Management:

Eligibility: All you need to pursue Diploma in Fashion Designing is that you should have completed your 10th or SSLC.

BSc in Fashion & Apparel Designing:

BSc is spread across a duration of 3 years for Regular and 2 years for Lateral entry students.

To pursue Bsc in Fashion 7 Apparel Designing course, You need to have completed 2nd Puc and if you are planning on Lateral entry then you would need to have completed a 3 year Diploma in Fashion course.

Masters in Fashion Management

If you know the basics and have a Bachelor’s degree but want to learn the advanced topics to advance in your career, Masters in Fashion Management is the way to go. The duration of the course in 2 Years where you will be learning things like Fashion Merchandising, the business aspects of Fashion and more.

The eligibility to pursue Masters in Fashion Management is that you should have a Bachelors Degree in any stream.

These were the major courses you can opt for. But if you have time constraints or just want to pursue Fashion as more of a hobby, here is the list of some fashion certification courses you can opt in for.

Certification Course in Pattern Making

Advance Fashion Designing & Boutique Management

Weekend Diploma in Fashion Designing.

Scope of Fashion designing & Career Opportunities:

India is a land of variety of cultures which opens up great horizons for you to explore in the field of Fashion. With a population of 1.3 Billion becoming more fashion conscious with each passing day, the demand for Fashion Designers is really good. Fashion designers in India are not only working towards fulfilling the demand in India but for export purposes as well. India’s textile industry has always been in demand in the international market.

Here are some of the designations you can take up after completing your

1. Fashion design course.

  • 2. Fashion Illustrator
  • 3. Fashion Designer

4. Stylist

  • 5.Fashion Consultant
  • 6. Assistant Designer
  • 7. ostume Designer

These job roles are just to name a few. If you don’t want to work for someone else; You can always start your own boutique or a label and market it.

And that is how you become a Fashion Designer – In a nutshell. If you want detailed information about everything I have talked here, check out this post about What Is Fashion Designing and How To Become A Fashion Designer. You will find everything you would need to know in the post.

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