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10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitations - Don't Miss It!

Author: Forsal Hash
by Forsal Hash
Posted: Nov 26, 2019

The choice of perfect wedding invitations can cause as much stress for the bride as the choice of the dress. The first impression is what counts and the wedding cards always set the tone and theme of the wedding party. Nor do we forget, of course, that the invitation will live forever in your mother-in-law's album!

If you have already decided on the theme of your wedding, it is time to start thinking about choosing wedding invitations. And with so many other details to attend to the organization of the wedding, how do you make sure that the invitations come out perfect? Just relax! We give you 10 tips to choose the perfect wedding participation.

1. Choose the theme of wedding invitations?If you still did not think about the theme of your wedding, this is the most appropriate time. Boho chic, country or industrial style and urban elegance? Multiple bright colors or soft and elegant ivory? A rustic or ecological invitation combines perfectly with a garden wedding.

Take your time to think about the theme of your wedding and what you want to communicate with it. Then use it as an inspiration when choosing the perfect wedding invitations.

2. Consider the price of wedding invitationsWedding invitations can be very expensive. Whatever the theme of your wedding you can choose the invitations that best suit your budget. This cost depends not only on the number of guests (although the price per invitation decreases - the greater the number of invitations) but on certain details such as appliques and decorations (for example: laser cuts, gross ribbons, number of faces to print, paper type, number of passes per print, among others).

We recommend that you compare the prices of several printers before making the final decision (just don't forget to consider the quality).

Compare not only the price of the invitations but everything that the printing company offers since some of them offer to print the addresses of the guests on the envelopes at no cost to you, others give you the stamps for the envelope or the white or ivory envelopes without lining for free too.

All these offers should be considered in relation to the price of wedding invitations to get the best possible quote.

3. Design of perfect wedding invitationsAbout tastes there is nothing written and what one bride loves, another does not. Avant-garde brides will think that wedding invitations with metallic pocket and glitter or a card with laser cut and foil-stamped in gold are perfect for an elaborate, glamorous and pomp wedding.

A more traditional bride will surely fall in love with classic invitations, printed in white stock or with small detail. The most romantic can choose an invitation with a pearl embossed couple. If the place of the wedding celebration is outside the city, such as in a garden, stay, field, mountains or the beach, the participation can be characterized by transmitting freshness.

For example, the use of handmade papers, handmade and worked with dried flowers or give them a touch that refers to the environment with burlap or jute ribbons.

4. Protocol and Label of wedding participationsHere the fundamental and basic question is: Who should I consult to choose wedding invitations? Every family is different. Sometimes the bride and her mother are responsible for choosing the wedding cards and taking care of the shares.

Others, it is the parents who pay for the wedding party and take control of the process. But more and more, it is the couple who is in control of the choice of their wedding participation.

No matter what the situation, make sure that those who have something to say do so now (before paying the deposit to the printing press) or keep quiet forever.

The second part is the protocol and the label of the wedding invitations. Who invites to the wedding? The parents of the couple or the couple?

5. Graphic design of marriage invitationsYou must be ready to define to the press the type or fonts or fonts and the distribution or layout of the text to use in your wedding invitations. As much as it may seem very simple, the distribution of the text in the invitation along with the type (s) you choose are super important to achieve the look you are looking for.

The typefaces mold generally gives a more modern, technological or industrial touch such as Eurostile, designed by Aldo Novarese in Italy in 1962 having square shapes with round edges and gives a feeling of modern architecture, and is used in design Contemporary graphic and science fiction.

The fonts cursive like Burgues Script, the famous font style that for over 100 years inspired many schools of calligraphy and designed by Louis Madarasz well known for his contribution to the art of calligraphy are perfect for a more classic style.

The French Kiss is totally different from all other sources because of its separate letters, without too much detail in its italics but it gives a classic and refined touch to any wedding invitation.

  1. Wedding invitations with calligraphyIf you order your marriage cards with calligraphy, wedding invitations and participation are written by hand with the typeface you choose. If you like this look very much but your budget is not enough you can save the hours of writing the addresses or lower the costs of the calligrapher using calligraphy to label the envelopes!
  2. Reception and maps for the ceremony and wedding partyIf you want to invite all your guests to the religious ceremony but only some to the reception and party, you can add a card with the information of the wedding party and to finish assembling the ensemble, use an envelope with pocket.

If your wedding reception is outside the city (countryside, mountain, beach, etc.) or within the city but you want to give directions, you can insert a map in the invitation pocket.

8. Envelopes of perfect wedding invitationsOne of the details that are setting the trend and that can give the greatest originality to your invitations is the envelope. There is a wide variety of envelopes to give that final touch to your participation. There are square or rectangular envelopes, transparent, with pockets, with or without lining.

Envelope linings can be printed specially with a motif or color that complements the wedding colors. Preparing envelopes is a time-consuming task, but you can simplify it by ordering envelopes with your preprinted address.

Choose the same ink color and font as the wedding invitations to get a more coordinated and refined style. An envelope of wedding invitations with lining always finishes giving the perfect look at your invitation!

We show you some examples of wedding invitation envelopes that we loved and hope they inspire you. Do you want to customize even more? The stamps add the final touch to the invitation set and you can use them in the souvenirs or wedding souvenirs.

9. The printing press, the final touch for participationsChoose a printing press with which you feel comfortable and like your job. Check the comments that other brides left on your site.

A final recommendation, always asks for a sample of your printed invitation before giving your approval for the final printing of all wedding invitations. You will avoid a big headache!

10. How to calculate the number of wedding invitationsCalculate how many invitations you should print is very simple. Just follow this simple formula.

An invitation for each couple. Children under 18 can be included in parents' wedding invitations. If the children do not live in the house with their parents, you can send them their own invitation.

Count single guests as two if you allow them to bring their special somebody or just one, in case of not doing so or just sending them an invitation.

Always but always, order at least 25 extra invitations to have them ready in case guests are added at the last minute or if there is an error with any invitation. In addition, you will surely want to keep some as I remember.

The cost of ordering 25 additional invitations at the time of printing them all is much less than reprinting only 25 wedding cards.

Be aware of what kind of finishing you would like at your wedding Invite. Consult Atlas Printing Press to help you design the best wedding invitations.

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