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Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for singles

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Nov 26, 2019
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Many people consider relocating to the state of New York nowadays. Some people move here in search of a better lifestyle. Some want to live life like those on the movie screens. And, some just want to find love. Well, yes, all of that is possible in a place as big as New York. But today, we will focus on those single people who are searching for adventure or even love. Luckily, Brooklyn can offer both. There are many Brooklyn neighborhoods for singles. You will easily find housing for one, many amenities nearby, and a lot of places for going out and meeting new people. Thus, if you are interested in some of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for singles that will fit both your lifestyle and budget, keep on reading.

1. Williamsburg

Since 1990 Williamsburg has been a popular destination for many young and free-spirited adults. It is also a birthplace of hipsters and musical genres like indie rock and electroclash. Here, both the music and art scene continue to thrive even today. Because of all this, Williamsburg got its nickname - Little Berlin. This is a perfect place for young adults. And it does not matter what your purpose of moving here is - love, career, or something third, everyone is welcome. It offers many housing options for rather reasonable prices. Thus, if you like what you see, call to help you relocate to young people's heaven. Trust us, you will not regret it. Williamsburg is full of meeting places like parks, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Once you relocate here, you will not be single for long.

2. Carroll Gardens

However, if the hipster lifestyle is not your cup of tea, consider settling down in Carroll Gardens. It is a completely different neighborhood when compared to Williamsburg. Here, you have historic townhouses, close-knit communities, and family vibes. Yes, a lot of young families have recently decided to call Carroll Gardens home. But, that does not mean that singles are not welcome. Quite the contrary! Carroll Gardens is great for those young and single people looking for somebody to start a family with. Wherever you look you will see lovely parks, clean streets, friends drinking coffee and kids zooming around. The best advantage of this neighborhood is the fact that it can offer all the amenities one may need. Almost all businesses here are family-owned. However, the biggest disadvantage is that there are not a lot of housing options left. Thus, if you liked everything mentioned so far, hurry up!

3. Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge is a combination of two worlds - the old and the modern one. Here, unlike in Carroll Gardens, you will see that tall buildings have replaced houses. So, it may not be an ideal place for families, but a perfect one for young adults who want to experience Brooklyn and New York. The rent is cheaper, as you will be living in a condominium or an apartment. But, that means that you will have more money to spend on having fun, going out, or doing something you have always wanted. Bay Ridge is especially interesting to young professionals - cheaper housing options, many job possibilities, and a great transportation system for commuting. But, it is not all modernized. You will still be able to enjoy authentic coffee shops, eccentric stores, and a beautiful waterfront of Bay Ridge. Thus, consider moving to Brooklyn, New York.

4. Greenpoint

There is a legend that people who meet in Williamsburg move to Greenpoint and live happily ever after. Greenpoint is maybe not that attractive to the young and single, but it welcomes people from all walks of life nonetheless. It also welcomes people from all different cultures and backgrounds. So, yes, it is quite diverse. Possibilities are endless here, especially if you are young and single. You can choose to focus on your career and work for some company in Greenpoint, as there are tons of them. Or, you can choose to have fun and spend your nights going out and meeting new people. Either way, start looking for some dating tips. Moreover, you should not worry about finding accommodation here either - you can easily choose to live in a family home or in a studio. Just choose a place that suits both your needs and your budget.

5. Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is mostly occupied by young adults who came to New York to pursue their dreams but soon realized that Manhattan comes with a hefty price tag. Yes, Manhattan is the place where everything happens, but if you can not afford it, then you move to Brooklyn Heights. The rent, groceries and almost anything you might need is a lot cheaper in Brooklyn Heights, but the best part is, you can be in Manhattan just by crossing the bridge. Simple as that. However, be sure that Brooklyn has a lot to offer too. Great public and private schools, safer streets, large parks, and a lot of places for going out and meeting new people. Once you move here, you will realize that this neighborhood is very romantic too. Rooftop diners, mesmerizing parks, and streets filled with flowers. It is a perfect place to meet somebody special but still be close to all the happenings in Manhattan.

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