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A dedicated knife collector? Add Switchblades and OTFs to your arsenal!!

Author: Daina Parker
by Daina Parker
Posted: Jul 25, 2014

Some people love collecting stamps, others have a fetish for coins, while many others love to boast of a collection of knives. From old fashioned classic knives to automatic modern knives, each sort holds a special place in the heart of a knife collector.

Going from place to place and searching high and low for different variety of knives is not particularly easy or appealing. Especially in these modern times where everything in this world is just a few clicks away. So, if you are one of those eager knifecollectors and want to add all sort of out of front knives and switchblade knives to your collection, then it would be the best to visit an OTF knives online store or switchblades online store.

Facts about switchblades and OTF knives:

Switchblade knives are one of the sub categories of OTF knives. The idea of such knives has been here with us since the early eighteenth century. The earliest craftsmen made extensively ornamental blades with embossed silver handles. Soon these ornamental knives left the cutlery stand and entered the arena of wars with a strong iron holster and wooden handles.

The outer appearance of out the front knives and switchblade knives transformed a lot over the vast span of years but the basic design stayed the same. Both OTF knives and switchblade knives support a lever system or a set of springs.

A switchblade knife typically contains a sliding or a folding blade which can be opened automatically by pressing on a lever or a switch that allows the spring to push the blade out. There is a truck load of different varieties of switchblade and out of front knives available in the market.

If you happen to surf through any OTF knives online store then you would find that there are basically two types of OTF knives available.

  1. Single action knives: this sort of out the front knife can be extended automatically by the press of a button, but requires manual work to be retracted back in its bolster.
  2. Double action knives: such OTF knives can be automatically extended as well as retracted by using a simple lever.

Knives for sale online:

OTF knives, particularly the switchblade knives hold a special place in our history and are priceless in every way but, the fact cannot be denied that they are extremely dangerous. They fall under the category of melee weapons and are therefore banned from sale at normal stores. Only specific shops are licensed to sell them. Nowadays, OTF and switchblade knives can be acquired only on request and are not available to people who have any weapon history or to minors.

Local stores very rarely provide such knives, so it is easier to browse through the online stores and boost your collection from the set of knives available.

Since this item is of a very delicate nature, it would be advisable to do a little research and find the best suited switchblade online store.Do not go for the first online store that you find, instead do a little background search and read the reviews of the previous customers. Before making the purchase ensure that the firm has a valid license and can be relied upon.

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