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Selecting the Right Plumbing Water Pipes For Your Home

Author: Shirley Balerio
by Shirley Balerio
Posted: Nov 26, 2019
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Whether you’re hiring the services of a professional plumbing company or working on a DIY plumbing project, plumbing jobs can be very confusing especially if you have no idea what type of pipe to choose for the task at hand. For instance, many homeowners do not know what pipe they should use for water supply, sewer, drainage, and the exterior. Unlike in the past where you were only to decide between cast iron and galvanized steel, which were the two main types of pipes, today’s homeowners have a wide range of pipes to choose from. Below are the different types of plumbing water pipes you should know.

Copper is one of the most common materials used in traditional plumbing pipes. It has often been preferred over most other types because of its durability and reliability. They are also resistant to corrosion and are easy to manage. These pipes are also ideal for domestic water supply and can be used for both cold and hot water. For many homeowners, the price of copper pipes is one of the most attractive features of the material, as it can cost about $3 a foot or $300 per 100 feet. However, you may have to carry out additional fittings, which may require a professional plumber to solder.

Galvanized steel is also used to make plumbing pipes because the material is strong, although it is not used as frequently. These pipes are threaded and screwed together using connecting joints. A major downside of these pipes is that they can be extremely heavy, making them difficult to handle and work with. Besides, they are more susceptible to internal rusting because of the zinc coating and lines made of galvanized steel tend to clog over time, causing reduced water pressure. Moreover, corrosion can cause lead to be released into your home’s tap water, causing it to become discolored.

Another commonly used plumbing water pipe is polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC. PVC is often preferred to galvanized steel because it is easy to work with and can be used for potable water, both hot and cold. PVC pipes vary in configuration and thickness and can be used for various applications, including sewage. For instance, PVC pipes used for pressure water pipes are different from those used for sewer pipes. However, you should note that those meant for potable water applications are marked as "NFS-PW" or "NFS-61" to denote that they comply with the relevant health requirements (NFS/ANSI Standard 6). They are made from corrosion-resistant material and do not rust or corrode over time. Many homeowners use them for water because they can handle high water pressure. However, the major downside is that they cannot handle hot water, as they warp easily when exposed to very hot water.

These are just some of the most common types of plumbing water pipes but there are several others out there. You should carefully consider what you intend to use the pipe before making the ultimate purchase decision, as some pipes are best used for sewerage and not water supply whereas others can’t stand up to hot water. The best plumbing water pipe comes down to the job at hand and the cost of the pipe. If you are confused about which type of pipe to use, you should consult a professional plumber to help you select the best option for the job at hand.

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