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Plastic Surgery : A Brief Description

Author: Mayra Singh
by Mayra Singh
Posted: Nov 30, 2019

For a long time, people have been using things to make themselves beautiful and attractive. Human had invented many ways to get that perfect face and body, but whatever he had done nothing had ever satisfied him. But then as the world advanced, technologic advancement started in every field. A new treatment was introduced which was going to be very helpful for those who needed to reconstruct and restore their bodies.

The process of Plastic Surgery was the key for that it is a process that involves alteration, restoration and reconstruction of face or body. Actually the concept of plastic surgery is not new, but ancient. We can find the mention of nose reconstruction in ancient medical documents of Egypt which is dated between 3000- 2500 BC. Not only, that Sushruta, an Indian surgeon had also made some important contributions in the field of plastic surgery. Around 750 AD original works of Sushruta and Charaka made its way into Europe through the Arabic intermediaries.

Britain, Rome, Germany and other countries are also working on understanding and developing new techniques for plastic surgery and the field is been changing rapidly. Even now, new things are being introduced every now and then.

Reconstruction Surgery and Cosmetic Treatments are two commonly knows forms of plastic surgery. Let’s learn about them.

Reconstruction Plastic Surgery-

In the process of reconstruction, the objective is to reconstruct a part of body to improve its function. In other words, in the process of reconstruction surgery, the damages body part in been restore as close as to the original so that it can work properly again. This surgery is requiring in a situation where it becomes important to restore or reconstruct a part that had damaged severally and can’t be heal by normal body functions. Some examples of this type of surgery are hand surgery, microsurgery, craniofacial surgery and treatment for burns.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery-

On the other hand, the cosmetic plastic surgery is a process that enhances and reshapes the structure of the face and body. The objective of cosmetic surgery is to improve appearance and making cosmetic changes in body. Cosmetic Plastic surgery can be both surgical and non-surgical depending on what the patient wants. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is for processes like abdominoplasty, laser rejuvenation, rhinoplasty and other cosmetic treatments.

Let’s revise everything once again before proceeding ahead to the risks involved in the process. The process of plastic surgery is very old and for a long-time people are using and developing it. In modern days it is classified in 2 that is, reconstruction plastic surgery which is used in reconstructing damaged body parts and cosmetic plastic surgery which is used to enhance beauty and reshaping of body.

Now that we have learn about Plastic Surgery, it is time to understand the risks involved because there is nothing in this world without any risk, everything carries some risks including Plastic Surgery.

The most common risks in cosmetic surgery are-

Infection is one of the most common risks that are associated with the process of surgery. It can appear after the surgery due to some hygiene issues but usually it can be cured fast.

Hematoma is a risk in nearly all surgeries. In this a pocket of blood is appears near the treated area and additional treatment is required to remove it by draining the blood.

Nerve Damage can be understood as the numbness and tingling that starts after the surgery. It can be temporary but in some cases it can become permanent.

If someone is looking to get a surgery, reconstruction or cosmetic there are things they should understand. First of all, selection of a doctor is very important, search for the most experienced and expert doctor and understand the surgery from him. There are many dermatologists in Indore and other big cities who can explain every small detail of the process and can give you guidance. Go for the surgery only after the complete satisfaction and understanding, because it can't be undone.

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Hello there, I am Mayra Singh and I am a content writer from India. I like to read and write about dermatology and different treatment, conditions and technology related with it.

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