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Consider your suitability before deciding to join an assisted living community

Author: Suzanne Thomas
by Suzanne Thomas
Posted: Dec 01, 2019
assisted living

Many elders choose assisted living facilities to spend their aging years in comfort with assured support for daily living and healthcare. With advancing age, many elders are unable to perform some of their activities for everyday life like getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night, cooking meals, traveling to appointments and keeping the house. Assisted living facilities provide personalized care for the elders in the way they want by giving them the choice of community living like in Platinum Communities or living independently in a retirement community. These places are ideal for those who want to live life on their own with little support but do not need close medical supervision and care of a nursing home.

The residents receive round the clock care and support because help is just a phone call away with caregivers ready to attend in the most personalized manner. The community members can make their selections to work out customized care so that they can be in control of their lives. High-quality, compassionate care in the long-term is what you can expect for your loved ones at the assisted living facility.

Despite the best possible care at the assisted living centers, it is not for everyone. Before you join a community, you must ask yourself a few questions to understand if it would be right for you.

How much help do you receive from your family?

If you feel that the extent of help and care that the family is providing is not enough help for the daily chores, which are becoming quite stressful, it means that you need more care. In such a situation, the assisted living facility could be a better place for you.

Are you feeling lonely and isolated at home?

Staying in a family is worth it until you get the opportunities of social interactions that are essential for healthy living. However, if you are alone at home most of the time, it can make you feel lonely and detached which leads to depression and affects your overall health. You start losing interest in life as negativities surround you. Going to an assisted living facility will give you ample scope of mixing and never allow depression to set in.

Is the level of personal safety, not enough?

Some elders remain confined to the bed most of the time because it is difficult for them to get down, and they are unsure about their safety if they try to move around. It creates a fear of what would happen if they fall. In assisted living facilities with caregivers assisting in safe movements drives away the boredom of confinement.

Is transportation an issue?

If you are not able to drive anymore and public transportation or any other alternative mode of travel is difficult to access, it could compel you to stay indoor most of the time and make life very dull for you. Assisted living facilities offer transportation facilities for their members so that they can move around independently.

Ticking the right boxes to these questions indicate your suitability for assisted
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