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North Dakota relocation explained

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Mar 30, 2020
north dakota

Relocation to a new state is always a significant undertaking and something which requires long-term planning. You might’ve reached a decision to move to the "Legendary State", but have you thought long and hard about all the details? Living on the prairie might sound exciting for you, but delving deeper into the intricacies is essential for a successful move. That’s why we’ve dug out all the details to help you weigh the pros and cons and organize your North Dakota relocation. Once you have all the information, you’ll find it much easier to organize yourself both prior and during your big move. Get your pen and paper ready and start taking notes!

Research the area

Now, before you embark on a relocation journey, you need to lay the groundwork. You’d be surprised how many people skip the research part of their new town and later end up regretting their impulsive decision. For example, they realize that their job is too far from the apartment they decided to go for in the spur of the moment. Or, even worse, maybe their neighborhood ends up being in the high-risk area. To prevent these situations, it’s important to thoroughly explore all the nooks and crannies of the town that is to be your new home. This won’t be as complicated as researching NYC or LA, as North Dakota doesn’t have metropolises. In fact, the biggest town, Fargo, has a population of 100,000. More than anything else, this is a state of wide-open spaces and wildlife. If the rural feel suits you, a North Dakota relocation is just the move for you. Read up about the following subjects to gather information on life in the Peace Garden State.

Apartment hunting

The first thing on your list should be finding out about housing options. North Dakota is one of the fastest-growing states in the country, and people are increasingly moving here because of that. This means that apartments may be difficult to find. Still, there’s no need to panic, as there are numerous apps and agencies to help you find the right place to call home. However, make sure to read your lease – you don’t want to get trapped into something you might regret later. Also, establish a budget and consider other monthly expenses so you know how much money will be going out each month. Ideally, you should aim to spend 25% of your monthly income on rent. And while that can sound like a pipe dream in urban cities, in North Dakota average rent is somewhere around $1,000. You’ll agree this is considerably less than the national average, which is $1,700.

When looking at apartments, know that you’ll need to compromise. Because of that, prioritize what’s most important to you – the affordable rent, a great location, the right amenities or a good landlord.

Check out the job market

Your North Dakota relocation will go much smoother if you have secured a new job prior to the move. That way, you can be more financially secured and start your new life on the right track. Thankfully, this is just the place for job seekers! In case you didn’t know, North Dakota is one of the few states in the US that hasn’t suffered serious economic damage during the Great Recession. Right now, it’s ranked as the number one state in terms of economic growth. The reason is simple – oil, natural gas, and agriculture, all of them highly sought-after products. If, anything, there are more jobs here that there are employees, which is why the state boasts the unemployment rate of only 3%.

Begin your job search online, or if you have friends or acquaintances in town, ask around for open positions. Remember, the more you do online the easier it will be when you get there.Consider the safety levels before your North Dakota relocation

When moving to a new town, it’s crucial you research the crime rate and overall safety in the area. You’ll be happy to know that, when it comes to crime and violence, North Dakota has lower crime rates than the national average. It seems that it’s called the Peace Garden State for a reason, right? In fact, 6 out of 10 state’s safest cities report to just one violent crime in 2017. That being said, ND still has some issues with crime, especially property crime. Fargo is especially notorious, partly because of the famous movie and TV show, but also because of the high property crime. Still, this shouldn’t necessarily be a deal-breaker. Remember that this is a wonderful state full of untapped beauty, which happens to be in the midst of an economic boom. Instead, consider purchasing extra security for your home. Wherever you are, feeling safe in your home will bring you peace of mind and there’s no price too high for that.

Can you weather the weather?

And finally, there’s the weather. And while it is true that North Dakota has some of the wildest weather in the country, there are many misconceptions about it. Usually, when people think of ND, they think of snow and cold, but the state actually has around 200 days per year. Summer here is very pleasant, with an average temperature of 82° Fahrenheit. Winters, however, can be harsh and often seems to last forever – but there are still ways to make it worth it. In fact, it is a grand season to many North Dakotans. If you’re into snowmobiling, ice skating, ice hockey, and countless other outdoor winter activities, you’ll have a great time living here. When it comes to the average temperature, expect it to be around 24° Fahrenheit. In fact, there is a local saying which states that "30 below keeps the riff-raff out". You’ve been warned!

Start planning the move on time

Once you have a clear idea of the town you’re moving to, you can start preparing for your North Dakota relocation. The question is, where does one start when they plan to move to, say, Bismarck? Well, first of all, you’ll need a thorough plan on what you’ll be taking with you to your new home. This is all optional and up to you – depending on whether you’re moving to a furnished or unfurnished apartment, for example. What will you do with your furniture if you’re relocating to a fully equipped apartment? How do you decide what goes with you and what stays? These and many other questions are waiting to be answered as you embark on the journey of planning your move. Oh, and don’t fool yourself into thinking that mental notes are going to be enough. This is a far more complicated affair that requires top-notch organization skills. Sticking to a previously organized timetable will minimize the unwanted surprises along the way, making the move a lot less complicated than it needs to be. Let’s see the sections you’ll have to take care of while preparing for the big day.

Packing organization

To pack or not to pack? If you’re breaking your head whether to bring an item with you or not, that means it’s not important enough. Remember, your North Dakota relocation should feel like a new start. With that in mind, leave behind as much stuff as you possibly can. Start going through your belongings at least a few weeks prior to the move to de-clutter and get rid of unnecessary stuff. To make it easier for you, sort out the items in three piles: stuff you’ll throw away, stuff you’ll donate and the rest you’ll be taking with you. Also, make sure to put aside the very important items you’ll need the most on your first day in your new home. Put them in the so-called ‘essentials box’ and pack them last on the moving truck so they are easily accessible during the unloading process.

If you have some heavy items such as a piano or a grandfather’s clock, there are moving companies that offer packing services. Don’t risk injuring yourself, as such valuable items require special equipment and professional handling. If you decided to hire packers, you can leave them in charge of packing fragile items such as glassware too. This way, you can rest assured all of your belongings will arrive safely to your new destination.

Hire a moving company to help you with your North Dakota relocation

There are many ways to organize the moving process. Maybe you plan on conducting a minimalistic move where you can easily go the DIY route by fitting everything into your car. Another option can be renting a truck and driving yourself. But if you want to save not just your time and your nerves, but money as well, consider finding assistance for your North Dakota move online. Book ahead of time and you can often land an early booking discount, making it even more affordable. When you take everything into account, it’s a much more simple step than doing it by yourself. Not to mention that you’ll be hiring professionals who have tons of experience in this area, which means your belongings will be safe and sound. And even in the case of damage, a lot of moving companies offer moving insurance. Basically, this means you’ll be paid for any damage that might happen during transportation. All things considered, this is a far better solution which will make your North Dakota relocation a lot less stressful.

How to avoid moving scams?

However, you must be very careful while searching online as not every company stands behind what they brag about in the "About us" section. Yes, the online presence matters a lot nowadays, but it’s also become a breeding ground for con artists. How to tell the reputable companies from scammers? Don’t fall for too-low-to-be-true prices and all five-star reviews. Instead, request letters of recommendation to contact their previous customers or snoop around moving-related forums to discovers unbiased opinions.

Another way fraudulent moving companies try to steal money out of your pocket is by introducing last-minute costs. You can bypass this by learning about hidden moving costs. Once you’re aware of them and know what to expect, you can clearly state what services you’ll be paying for.

Choosing a storage unit

You’ve already heard it’s recommended to leave behind everything you won’t be needing in your new home. However, sometimes it’ harder said than done, and, anyhow, that old sofa might fit in your new home someday. But, what do you don’t until then? Keep it in a storage unit, of course! Whether it’s items that hold sentimental value, seasonal clothes or holiday décor, a storage unit is the perfect solution for a clutter-free life. Al you need to determine is the right size and decide what amenities you need. Here’s a list of the most common features people opt for when choosing a unit:

  • Climate control – This one is a must if you’re storing antique furniture or any items which might be damaged by lack of air and stable temperature.
  • 24-hour access – These can be quite handy for renters with business circumstances that require access during early or late hours.
  • Drive-up access – Especially useful during the loading/unloading process, as well for those who are often needing things from their unit.
  • Video-surveillance – If you’re worrying about shady visitors, more and more storage facilities offer a 24-hour camera security system.
Survive the moving day

Now all that’s left is waiting for the moving truck to roll up to your home and begin the loading. In all honesty, the whole planning journey is worth it just so you can have a stress-free relocation on the big day. Assuming you’ve packed and gotten everything ready, the moving day is going to be rather easy. Just don’t forget to bring cash with you to tip your movers, bring your essentials box with you and make sure your phone is fully charged. Take the last look at your old place. All that's left is to trust in the magic of new beginnings as you’re preparing for your North Dakota relocation.

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