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Can loyalty programs work for your business?

Author: Fatima Tu Zahra
by Fatima Tu Zahra
Posted: Dec 02, 2019

Is it a Loyalty Program not a guaranteed victory for a company/business? How do reward programs make money? Customer Loyalty programs take time and money to create and implement. Loyalty and reward programs makes customer loyal and profitable for your business. It can be safely assumed that a best reward program /loyalty program is based on incentives that consumers really want and incentives for learning. These incentives require market research, installation and administration may require additional staff and professional costs, and such business projects may make it difficult to overcome the threshold of return on investments.

Even in the face of these numerous capital challenges, SMEs have, for the first time in history, the opportunity to compete with the big boys. Technology has placed reward programs within the boundaries of smaller organizations, while large companies have spread reward programs so that small businesses can easily break with the advances they have made in their profession. If the average family is a member of 18 items, the neighborhood yogurt store shouldn't have much trouble convincing a family to make them #19. The technique has thrown out the problem factor in the Loyalty Program. While large businesses and small businesses previously with their network systems have great advantages, their paper punch cards, technology has now leveled a competitive environment. Services such as the loyalty block allow customers to place digital "punched cards" on their phones, while small business credit cards accept service space only adds loyalty programs to their services. So, loyalty programs can benefit your business? And the devil really lies in the details of the problem — depending on the industry, the business model and the competitive landscape — here are three general concepts that you should consider before you follow the plan.

  • Differentiation - Does the program distinguish you from your competitors? What competitive advantages will you get from your loyalty program?
  • Value: will you provide value to your customers? Does this value increase loyalty? The value is highly contextual dependent. Will rewards add value when your business model doesn't exist? Wal-Mart doesn't have bonus cards because its price brings customers back.

Mattress companies often do not have incentive plans because their customers only buy once in about eight years.

  • Cost-Profits/Return on Investment: What is the impact of loyalty and increased retention on income? Would this amount be higher than the cost of the program? Is digital loyalty program work?

how loyalty programs help businesses

Calculate not only the total cost of rewards, but also the milder administration and configuration costs, such as legal fees, accounting fees, additional support staff, and computer upgrades. The reality is that even with third-party contracts, customer loyalty programs require labor and capital investment, which is significant for almost any organization. While these can be very effective, they are only one way to increase customer loyalty. Any company/business that considers a loyalty program should consider not only the costs and benefits of the program, but also the opportunity costs that the company/business is concerned — Focus, whether applied to customer program sounds, optimizing customer experience, or simply a good, old-fashioned, kick-butt customer service, can increase customer loyalty.

The launch of the best loyalty program offers customers a new opportunity to benefit from their brand. While win-win rewards may not be available to everyone, long-term loyalty programs can be key to keeping customers on board.

Loyalty program that work for small business:

Nukta Loyalty Solutions give you the tools you need to run a simple point-based rewards program. Log in to to see the different options and ask for a demo.

Loyalty programs used to be difficult to implement - no longer - are now easy. Contact for more information or send a WhatsApp message to +44 2071758287

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