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Driveway grids

Author: Shed Base
by Shed Base
Posted: Dec 03, 2019


All of our driveway grids are for surface stability and made in the UK, using recycled plastics. This is not only fantastic from an environmental point of view, but also very much an eco-friendly solution. We use high quality tough recycled materials to maintain a strong long-lasting product.

The gravel grids are also cost effective in many ways, one reason is because we manufacture everything our selves and supply directly to you the customer at trade prices, and no ‘middlemen’, but also the plastic grids reduce the need to lay thicker depths of stone hard-core, and also reduce the amount of gravels and fillings, saving you money in this too.

Getting the best use out of your available parking space

There are a number of reasons why you may be considering purchasing grids for driveways. Many properties were built with small drives, often with a small garden attached, and as many households now have two or more cars, grassy areas can begin to seem like wasted space. Alternatively, you may have a drive that’s plenty big enough for your household’s vehicles but be battling against unsightly and annoying gravel migration. Whatever your reason, driveway grids are the simplest and most cost-effective way to ensure you get the best use out of your available parking space.

Grids for driveways come in many different forms and are suitable for private homes or larger commercial and industrial settings. Using driveway grids increases the surface’s stability, making it easier to drive or walk on. This can make your home or place of work more safely and easily accessible. It will also help to protect the surface: for gravel parking spaces, the grid will keep the gravel compacted neatly together, whilst for grassy areas it will protect the turf from the wear and tear of vehicle tyres. Please contact us to find out how we could solve your parking problems.

Parking Grids

Whether you require parking grids for domestic use or for a large commercial space, shedbaseuk is the company you can trust! All of our products are made using recycled plastic, making them incredibly durable and eco-friendly. What could be better than helping the planet whilst receiving a long-lasting and reliable product? Plastic parking grids are robust and strong by nature, making them the perfect product to withstand frequent use. Due to their versatile nature they can use be used on multiple different landscapes, for example, they can be used to protect a lawn or to level an uneven

surface for cars. All of our plastic parking grids are manufactured here in the UK, allowing us to deliver products of consistent quality at affordable trade prices. Our parking grids are produced by experts without any ‘middlemen’ to unnecessarily raise the price or compromise the quality of the product. At shedbaseuk, we are proud of our ability to offer both households and businesses an eco-friendly product. As there is a growing pressure to ‘go green’, we feel excited at the chance to share our green solution with homes and businesses across the UK. Our products are not only eco-friendly but pocket friendly! By using one or multiple grids you eliminate the need to lay additional paving or purchase extra gravel for an outdoor area. You will be able to use our grates as soon as they are installed, so you will instantly see a return on your investment and have a quick solution to your vehicle problems.

Gravel Grids

shedbaseuk plastic gravel grids are durable enough to be used for both domestic, industrial surface reinforcement, and too for building sites and heavy industrial or commercial uses. We also offer the Ecopark 70MM & 80MM gravel grid which can be suitable for driveways, parking, and access roads where a deeper infill may be required.

Our range of eco plastic grids are all made to British Standards, tested to be heat, freeze and UV stable, making them ideal for year-round use even in hot summers and sub-zero winters.

A grid is an effective alternative to purchasing more gravel or levelling an area with gravel to make it more vehicle friendly. This means that by purchasing one of our products you are potentially saving yourself a huge financial cost and preserving the existing landscape you have.

Businesses and households across the UK are feeling more pressure than ever to make more environmentally conscious, ‘greener’ choices, and with our grids, you can have complete confidence you are receiving a product that is both environmentally friendly and of the highest quality.

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