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Things to know before moving to Washington DC

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Dec 02, 2019
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When somebody mentions Washington DC the first thing that will most likely pop into your thoughts is politics. However, this great city is attractive and inviting because of many other reasons besides politics. Washington has always been a mecca for tourists, but lately, many Americans are looking forward to moving to Washington DC. This unique city is filled with history and culture, so it is no surprise its population is skyrocketing. Thus, here are a few things you must know before you decide is moving to Washington the right choice for you.

Politics are not the only thing that thrives in Washington

Be assured that politics are not the only gig in town. There are many more other businesses spheres that one can venture in if not interested in politics, lobbying, and similar jobs. There is a large private sector to choose from that is not linked to politics. But don’t kid yourself, moving to a new neighborhood in Washington DC will provide some type of connection to politicians. There are not many neighborhoods that are free of people associated with political jobs. One thing is for sure, you do not have to be one of them if you do not wish to.

Traffic is a pain in the neck

Moving to Washington will force you to get used to brutal traffic jams. This is exactly why many residences of Washington choose not to drive. The metro, cabs, buses and car services in DC are the most used types of transportation. So, when choosing a place to live, have this in mind. For instance, if you would like to enjoy a more suburban lifestyle with a white picket fence, be prepared to get stuck in traffic every day if you are working in the city.

Moving to Washington is expensive

Once you move to Washington be prepared to spend big bucks. Overall life costs are very expensive. Many extremely wealthy residents live in this impressive city and it seems that they are dictating the steep prices and costs of living. The taxation system doesn’t help with your costs of living. Washington’s taxation system is very unusual in comparison to other cities and states. Hence, if you plan on moving to Washington we strongly encourage you to get very familiar with which taxes you are expected to pay once you complete your move. Of course, don’t forget to focus on the amount as well.

Museums are for the most part free

We already said that moving to Washington and living in Washington is very expensive. Well, at least the majority of museums are free. Only a handful of museums charge for admission. Thus, there is a lot to be seen and visited. Especially when you have relatives or friends visiting your new DC home. The best part about these museums is that they have constant happenings, which make them interesting and appealing to visit even multiple times.

People dress usually conservatively

Washington DC is very different in comparison to other cities when it comes to fashion and street style. You can certainly feel the influence of politics in the outfits that people wear every day. Most companies, even when not related to politics will at least have a business casual dress code. The only exceptions that you might encounter are IT companies. IT supporters in Washington are prone to dressing more casually, just like anywhere else.

You can feel the history in the air

You might think that the history of this popular city is all about presidents, senators, and politics. This isn’t fully the case. The civil rights movement, labor movement, and women’s equality movement are all linked to Washington. The city plaid a substantial role in its development. Therefore, this is the place to be for all history lovers and admirers.

Get used to brunching

You will have no idea how big of a deal brunch is until you move to Washington. Almost all residents that live in DC enjoy this in-between meal. Do not expect to walk into a place and get a table for brunch, especially during the weekends. Sometimes you might run into a line of people waiting to be seated for brunch. Don’t chance it. Always make a reservation.

Washington DC is always flooded with tourists

If you aren’t from a place where tourists are an everyday occurrence, you might need some time to get used to it when moving to Washington DC. The capital of the United States is always a big tourist attraction. The session and time of the year are truly irrelevant. So, don’t be surprised if you are stuck behind a group of tourists while rushing to an appointment or trying to get to work. Do your best to be polite and understanding. After all, you do not want your city to get a bad rep. A big part of Washington’s economy is being busted by tourists.

When you want to get away you will have plenty of options

As exciting as Washington is, at some point, you will feel the need to get away for the weekend and just avoid the hustle and bustle of the big city. Baltimore and Richmond are always great options for a short and fun trip. If your pores are dying to soak in some vitamin D, you can always hit the Delaware beach. Of course, do not forget the supreme wineries in Virginia for all that love wine tasting. As you can see, you will have countless options and everybody’s taste is covered.

In the end, moving to Washington can be a great step up in your career. The public sector is very developed, and the political scene is unparallel. Thus, there are many pros to moving to this lovely city. Don’t forget, living in Washington is not cheap so before you make the leap make sure that you can truly afford it. Other than that, you will enjoy everything that the United States capital has to offer.

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My name is Betty and I have been writing expert articles in relation to the moving industry for the last couple of years. Besides this specific area, I am also experienced in other spheres pertaining to the concept of relocation.

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