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How To Install A Peep Hole On Your Front House Door

Author: Ivanor Lis
by Ivanor Lis
Posted: Dec 05, 2019
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Accommodating a door viewer or peephole to your front door is a straight forward routine. There are heap load of forms and brands of peep holes to choose from, including models with all the way to a 200-degree glimpsing range, allowing you view close to each and every thing on the other side of the door.

This guide yields step by step instructions that show you how to Install The Door viewer in your front door in no more then an hour.

Measuring the door for peephole

  1. Use a measuring tape to find the midst of the door and stamp the spot where you wish to install the door viewer.
  2. Ensure it’s at a height that’s handy for all family members.
  3. You’ll have a flat boring bit to drill a hole in the marked spot on the door.
  4. Nearly all electric drills only fit bits with a shaft of up to a 3/8-inch diameter.
  5. Flat boring spade bit come in an array of sizes. Ensure to choose the size that will bore the the door viewer diameter.
  6. Your door viewer’s installation instructions will accommodate the size of the hole needed.

Drill The Hole

  1. To keep from fracturing the fiberglass or wood, start drilling gently from the external side of the door first, and halt when the edge of the bit digs through the interior surface.
  2. Grasp the bit and queue it up with the edge of the door and wrap tape around the bit’s head to stamp the suitable depth for drilling the hole.
  3. Drill at a 90 degree angle till the tape threshold is reached, then use the pilot hole you just created for drilling backward from the in-side to complete the hole.

Install The Door viewer

  1. Peepholes customarily consist of a barrel and a lens. The lens is the component with threads on the exterior side. The barrel is the component with the threads on the in-side.
  2. Slide the lens into the hole from the exterior side of the door. Then, slide the barrel into the hole from the in-side side and manually thread the peep hole together.
  3. Apply a drop of silicone adhesive around the lens to get rid of moisture if you don't have a storm door or overhang.

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  • fb-183818896091170  -  5 years ago

    A peep hole is vital in every household. For us to be able to see who's at our doorstep is a primary safety precaution. Thank you for this step by step simple instruction on how to install a peep hole. It is indeed very helpful. Having a step by step instruction in DIY comes in very handy, a reference and an assurance that we are doing things right especially when it comes from a reliable and experienced source.

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