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How To Make More Differences Between AHD And IP Camera System

Author: Marsh Maxwell
by Marsh Maxwell
Posted: Dec 06, 2019
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What are AHD and IP?

AHD (high definition analogue) is a technology for converting the analog signal into a digital signal transmitted by video cable, usually used in a camera system (AHD camera, hd coaxial cable, dvr, switch and so on).

IP (internet protocol) is a digital signal technology that transmits in the meantime via a network cable, usually used in an IP camera system (IP camera, hd network cable, nvr, poe switch and so on).


and camera system

IP camera system


ah camera

IP camera


hd coaxial cable

hd network cable







.Differences between AHD system and IP camera,

Many end users do not know what type of camera system they need exactly, AHD or IP?

Then you need to understand the difference between them as follows:

. Definition of video

AHD cameras are limited by its ch IP technology and analog signal, most pixels are available at 1.0mp (1280 * 720p)? 2.0mp (1920 * 1080p)? 3.0mp (2048 * 1536), 4.0mp (1600 * 2505) and 5.0mp (2560 * 1920); the higher the pixel, the greater the cost of the cable to be equipped; they also need more professional technological requirements, as different levels of video camera are equipped with specific cables. Otherwise, it is not possible to get a good image of the monitoring.

IP cameras are available at 1.0mp, 2.0mp, 3.0mp, 4.0mp and 5.0mp up to a maximum of 12.0mp (4000 * 3000, 4k hd) with good support for digital signal and network bandwidth. all can be equipped with the same low-cost network cable.

. Use and safety

AHD works as a closed-circuit camera system, it is not possible to have a real-time view while leaving the monitoring center unless you update the DVR in xvr; to monitor multiple users, you need to add a video distributor. Moreover, thanks to the use of the video cable, it can only display the video (not listen), and it is easy to be interfered by other devices, even the video has been stolen.

IP works like a camera system open on the basis of a wired network cable, fiber optic and wi-fi or 3 / 4g network, you can have a remote view in real time on your phone and laptop anywhere; in the meantime, set up a code to protect your privacy and share videos in real time with others you want; watching, listening and speaking are available. all these do not need to add additional devices.

. Video

Storage archiving (usually HDD) of the AHD system is difficult, not only must use dvr but it also needs new HDD when full, or delete old video data for reuse.

the same memory in HDD of the IP system can save more videos than it has because of its digital signal, which is also connected to the Internet so that a large amount of video can be stored on different computers or remote servers; in addition, it is easier to back up digital storage, preventing the loss or damage of important data.

. Cost of the AHD system and the IP system

For AHD, the farthest distance of the laid cable is usually 300 meters, which extends to 500 meters through the signal repeater. The cost of the cable is more expensive in the meantime certain technical requirements.

The IP system is usually 100 meters at most from a wired network cable. however, it is available extending at a much longer distance via optical fiber or net bridge; meanwhile, a small monitoring range (home, shop and office) can take the way of Wi-Fi and wireless AP. all these can save the cable cost well and easier to install.

AH cameras are cheaper than IP?

Yes, it's true. Given the HDD storage, cable laying and other extra devices, there is no difference for all costs. However, IP system maintenance costs are much lower, such as re-installing and upgrading with newer cameras.

. AHD system projects and IP system

AHD is more suitable for updating the old CCTV system. Based on the same analog signal, it is not necessary to reposition the cable to save on the costs of reinstallation. in this way, it can reach the standard definition easily to upgrade to high definition analogue.

The IP camera system is best suited for most new monitoring projects without high cable costs, more easily for management and maintenance, low technical requirements for installation.

.How to create the right solution for our project

Now, we understand the difference between AHD and IP camera system above. How to make the right monitoring solution? In reality, there are three points to consider:

Your true demands

it would be how far the camera can monitor, how much angle, how clear at night, how many preset cameras in the future, alarm or anti-theft function, real-time monitoring anywhere by mobile phone and so on.

Installation environments in practice

there is no perfect solution for all needs, so a right solution must consider not only the needs of the users, but also the limitation of the security camera installation environments, such as the wireless signal for interiors, the light for the environment monitoring, view obstruction, interference from other devices in the vicinity, cable routing for outdoor terrain and weather conditions and so on.


it is better to set up a camera system (no matter big or small) with an affordable budget based on your real needs, and ensure that it will not be eliminated within 5 years, easy to upgrade at low cost in the future.

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