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The 3 Most Fashionable Engagement Ring Cuts

Author: Lisa Jeeves
by Lisa Jeeves
Posted: Jul 25, 2014

Engagement ring cuts and shapes are often thought to be the same thing when in fact they are slightly different. Technically speaking, engagement ring cuts do refer to the shape of the gemstone set within it, but it more literally deals with the amount of light able to pass through a stone based on its appearance. Shape, on the other hand, applies to the appearance of a gemstone alone, regardless of its ability to reflect light. Below are some of the most popular cuts featured in the marketplace today.

Round Brilliant

The most popular and traditional cut for an engagement ring is a round brilliant cut. This involves the gemstone being cut into a circular shape at the top while the rest of it is cone shaped to maximise the return of light. Because it is the same shape all around, it has a large return of light and is the most brilliant of diamond cuts.

Of all gemstone cuts and shapes, this one has been the most researched by diamond cutters. Introduced more than four hundred years ago with only seventeen facets, diamond cutters have used physics and mathematics to develop the round diamond that we know today. On average, today’s round brilliant engagement ring has an average of fifty-eight facets.

These popular cuts are not to be confused with round diamond cuts, which are also desirable and valuable, but not cut with the same precision and deliberation in the facets. Round diamond cuts are therefore not as dazzling in their return of light.

Fancy Cuts

Any engagement ring cut that is not a circular cut is referred to as a ‘fancy’ cut. Fancy cuts were designed to increase the potential of a ring’s beauty, as well as offer alternative shapes to diamond cuts. The following are two fashionable examples of fancy cuts.


The princess cut is the most popular fancy cut. The shape is square with four pointed corners, while the shape of the gemstone in its entirety is a pyramid. It is a relatively new style that was developed in the 1970s, and ever since it has been an increasingly popular fashion due to its brilliance and fire. The cut offers a modern alternative to the traditional shape of the vintage round cut.


An emerald engagement ring cut sees its gem manicured with a rectangular top and cropped corners. This design is meant to draw attention to the gleam of the stone. This cut gets its name because it used to be reserved only for emeralds, but it has grown to be equally effective with all gemstones, such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Since its emergence in the Art Deco period, emerald cut engagement rings have risen to a substantial level of popularity in the jewellery trade.

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